Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Lord sustains me.

¡Hola Todos!

Sorry I have not been able to update my blog at all lately. Just to give you a sound bite of my busy life over here in España I'll give you minute's worth of break down of this week for me. 

This week only includes Monday through Wednesday.

This is all that was due.  

Three page intensive analysis over Space by Chad Davidson.
A poem imitating Frederico García Lorca's writing style.
Write close to 12 journal entries in Spanish. (only 4 to 5 sentences each).
Oral Exam- yes I ignorantly signed up for the earliest time. I was the first one.
Project/Skit due in Spanish to perform for the class.
Written Exam-which is the final in my Spanish class.

This isn't including the hours I like to dedicate to creeping on Facebook, keeping up with loved ones back home, faithfully updating my Twitter, and checking updates in the theknot.com. Not to mention the love of skype and email.

So soon to come will be a nice update of La Rabida where Columbus began his journey across the ocean blue. Also, stay tuned for how my Valentines went, my weekend last weekend, and today I'm headed to Portugal for 4 days, so after Sunday there will be many blogs to come!!!

xoxo. miss every single one of you.


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