Saturday, February 13, 2010

Poem from Leaving Home


The fifth I leave home
Washing down my last cup 
Of American coffee. I turn 
Around to wave to those I love. 
Then I board the commercial plane 
Where I sit and take my place. 

In my written travels, Spain has a place,
Though I will miss my Texas home 
And the comforting Panhandle plain. 
The flight attendant fills my cup 
As I finish Eat Pray Love 
Through the pages I turn. 

Restless, I toss and turn 
Trying to find a place 
To daydream of the one I love. 
My mind wonders to a new home 
I will see once I depart the plane 
As the attendant takes my empty cup.  

In the airport bathroom I cup
Handfuls of warm water. I turn 
The knob off and use the plain
White sheets to dry the wet place 
On the counter. I pray my home
In Spain is inviting and full of love.  

The kind of comforting love 
Overflowing from a cup 
That understands how far I am from home. 
The day is here. Down the stairs I turn
And find my new mama standing in place 
With a friendly expression. How can I complain?  

The regret of boarding the plane 
Fades away as I gain love
For this stranger.  I replace 
Shaking hands and cup 
Her shoulder and turn 
My cheek for a kiss before heading home.  

This place remains unfamiliar. I miss my cup 
of plain coffee and laughing with those I love, 
who anticipate my return home.


Deidra said...

Your gonna make your momma cry. Glad you are having fun. Love you

Mom said...

My sweet girl. Deidra's right - brought a tear to my eye. Not as bad as when I bawled driving away from that airport - I wanted so badly to turn around and go pull you off that plane! But I so love the adventure spirit in you and I'm so proud to share your travels with my friends. You will be 20 next month and you have already been more places than I will ever go in my lifetime! I love you!*

Terry Peak Photography said...

I'm not gonna lie, I'm missing you and it's getting pretty dang hard! Carry my love with you with every step. Happy Valentines Day!

Anonymous said...

elise.. I'm sitting at work tearing up just thinking about you and how I wish you were here. But I am glad you get to experience going to study in Spain, and I know you are growing so much in the Lord, and I am so thankful for that. You are an amazing person and friend, and I know that you are a light wherever you go. I love you and am praying for you!! <3, your BFF4LIFE