Tuesday, February 2, 2010

weight weight weight

is it that my house mom cooks all this fried food
or that our meals are twice the size I'm used to
is it my self-esteem because I'm not getting endorphins
Is it that I have the same clothes
that I wear over and over
or the fact that I am not as active

Man I need to have the drive to lose a little
eat less
run more
look away from the snacks

Okay here's the game plan:

eat half of whatever she is serving.
don't eat the complimentary bread
that goes with every meal
in the basket.
Say NO to her fried helpings
and breakfast treats

Dont eat chips no matter
how much I like salt and vinegar.
No buying any type of snack
in between meals.
Save money and cuts down the intake

Drink more water.
I barely drink a half a glass during meal times!

Goal: lose 20 pounds by October! anddd go.

ps. Its not that I have a low self esteem and think that I'm ugly.. its that I don't want to let myself go. I want to FEEL healthy and FEEL good about the reason why I look thin. Not in an unhealthy way do I dwell on this or how to lose the weight. (: just for those with concerns.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good plan to me !!!
Love you...........Aunt Paulette