Saturday, March 6, 2010


           Greg and I decided to just hop on the train one Saturday after noon, the 20th of Feb. to be exact. I was really surprised at the weather because it had been raining for 2 weeks straight with chilly wisps of wind here and there. But, thankfully when we got there, it was sunny for once. The streets were cleaned because of the Carnival that took place the weekend before and also going to take place that night. [Carnival is the 2nd biggest party in the world next to Rio de Ginero, and Mardi Gras in New Orleans comes in at a close 3rd. So you can imagine how disgusting the streets get with no bathrooms and alcohol galore with millions of people overly intoxicated and dressed up in a costume. I'm not at all sad to say that I didn't take part in any of that.]  We decided just to walk around when we got there. Several food stands were waiting for the party-goers to arrive but until then there were no lines and plenty of fresh junk food. Greg got a chocolate filled churro for a morning snack! yum. We walked through the plaza where later that night a band would be jamming to a fast paced Spanish song, around a cathedral, along the shore. We found this enormous food market and spent a good 45 minutes just glancing at every station set up selling different types of meat, fruits, bread, etc.. Greg bought some strawberries, some of the best I've ever had.

           We found this street where little stands were set up selling sea food but they were set up right outside the door of the restaurants. We picked one where I bought crab legs, well I think they were all crab claws and Greg bought two different kind of smaller shelled creatures. We went inside the restaurant and ordered a drink. This is where is gets comical. Its only about 12:30 in the afternoon, and if you didn't know in Spain it is custom to wait about 2:30 or 3 to eat lunch. So you can imagine we are the only people eating here. Along with the fact that we were the only Americans... you can always tell American regardless of their color. Its a bit embarrassing! Its because we are loud. No one can deny it. We laugh harder than anyone else on the planet and we talk over each other. Its what we do. Like in America, I asked for butter (which I thought was given that it needed to be melted and hot) and lemon. The owner brought out an enormous lemon sliced in half and I little square of butter wrapped in gold aluminum. No reason to complain right? Next dilemma- no nut cracker! I asked in Spanish for some type of tool to open the legs with but he said he didn't have anything. Then 2 minutes later he brought out this wooden fish about 7 inches long with metal where the mouth would have been that acted as a bottle opener. I thanked him and confusedly tried to pry open a section of the shell. No such luck.

           After all the workers, the owner, and the other customers got a good laugh, the man behind me stood up and with a hearty chuckle said, "Mira" and picked up the wooden fish, grabbed the crab leg and hit it with a powerful bang! haha I thanked him and tried myself. This is when the crab goes flyin'. Several times I would have to stand up and put my full weight into cracking it and the shell would not only crack but ricocheted off the wall and across the tiled restaurant's floor. There wasn't a pair of eyes that weren't staring the whole time. Thats when you just have to sit there and laugh and continue. By the time I was done, there were shreds of crab all over the table, my lap, chest, face, and floor. It was so messy, but you do what you can do enjoy some decent sea food right?

           Later for dessert I bought fresh cotton candy that brought back my childish craving of flavored sugar. It was delicious! For a second desert we bought Gouda cheese, a couple of fresh baked wheat loafs, and spicy mustard. This little combo made the memories of france and switzerland from last summer flood my mind. This was what we ate the majority of the time.

           The rest of the afternoon was spent on the beach talking, listening to music, reading, watching the shivering surfers own the waves, and we rock climbed a wall that was on the beach. I would say that the trip was an absolute success for a measly 12 euro train pass.

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Angie aylor said...

Elise, I think you are so brave. What an adventure you are having. :) It is very beautiful. Thank you for sharing your blog and pics with us. I probably will never get to visit these places and you are letting me see it all through the lens of your camera.
I read that you are going sky diving? WOW! Now that would be too scary for me, girl. LOL!
I know you are having such a fun experience and you will never forget it. Lots of stories to tell the kids and grandkids one day. Also, lots to share with friends and family when you return home.
Just be safe and come home in one piece.
luv ya'