Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Felíz Valentín





For Valentines Josh sent me a bouquet of a dozen red roses and a card to go with it. The roses were beautiful. Just perfect (: They were of really good quality! I was quite impressed. For our date: we watched my all time favorite movie, Fried Green Tomatoes via skype. You can share screen (;  I really do have a fantastic boyfriend. He sat through about an hour of it with getting every other second of the movie because kind of glitches and he didn't say a word until I asked him. Plus he sent me a box full of Valentines. It had everything from notes, candies to the sweater that he always wore that was my favorite. The only thing that could have made my Valentines better was if I would have actually been with him!

Plus I got a little Valentine from my Madre with a few love/hello notes from the lovely girls she works with! James Avery earrings have never looked so good in Spain.

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Mom said...

Sad that you didn't get to spend your first Valentine's Day together :-( But... just remember and be grateful on all the Valentine's Days to come! So glad you like your earrings - they just seemed "you" to me. Love you!