Saturday, April 3, 2010

March 28th Toasted.

Málaga's beach

This is 2 days after my burn
This picture doesn't portray how much it burned! (:

in the Alcazaba

Kind of the outer wall of the Alcazaba

The day of burnt regret!

We woke up around 8:30 and got some toast with jelly, coffee, and muffins before we set out to catch some sun.

Before the sun came up we visited the Alcazaba de Málaga which is basically ruins from Muslims rulers.  The buildings dated back to the eleventh century and were made of limestone. So its incredible that they haven't fully crumbled and are still in tact. They did a great job of preserving them.  The Alcazaba was a lot bigger than it looks. You are able to continuously climb up different sets of stairs on to building that lead up the mountain to different parts of the Alcazaba. The view was incredible. Because it was one of the higher points in the city, we were able to see most of the city, the port and beaches along with the Mediterranean. Plus we got a great discount for being students, it was only 60 centimos to get in.

On our way to finding the beach, Greg and I got into the stupidest argument ever about using "derecho" (straight) or "directo" (also meaning straight) and in Mexico they don't use "derecho."  Greg refused to acknowledge it as an actual word because it is so close to "derecha," meaning right. We both blew out of proportion. He slowed his pace making my pace faster as to distance ourselves.  We lost each other crossing the street.  I spent the afternoon nuzzled in the warm sand soaking in the sun.  I dressed for no more than an hour to get a showarma for lunch.  I walked for another hour along the coast looking for Greg, but with no luck I settled down again.  After 30 minutes Greg found me and sat next to me.  We laid there for a few more hours letting the last of the sun pour over our skin.

If it was possible to grab and "catch" some of sun and rub it all over my body - I did just that with an overdose.   Thinking it was cool enough outside- I didn't even think I would get a tan much less fried-to-a-crisp beyond bacon's capability.  To add to my new sizzling tone color - I'd worn my shades all day long to make this bacon-fried body resemble a red Indian raccoon with beach-bum blonde hair.

-quite horrendous

The rest of the day was completely lax. We went back to the teteria for some tea and then to Corte Inglis for some food before we headed back to the hostel.

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