Sunday, April 4, 2010

March 31 and April Fools day in Tarifa.

March 31, 2010
We woke up around 9 and walked around a little to find a café for café con leche and breakfast. Around 11 we walked for an hour along the beach. The tide was so long. I describe it in this way because of the 200 to 300 yards of beach and shoreline was that massive. The tide came at least 100 yards and rolled back into the mar, ocean. It packed the sand with every swishing of the waves so walking on the sand was easy. We walked clear out to the very tip of Tarifa, which is almost a like a tear drop shap connected at the tip to the rest of the land. We weren’t able to actually stand on the very edge of the coast closest to Africa because it was part of the government’s private property, and it was closed off.  Nonetheless it was incredible to see Africa’s silhouette across the crisp blue Mediterranean. The mountains in the distance tempted me even more to jump on a ferry and cross the border. We had decided earlier not to go to Morocco because of the corrupt government and with our small duo, clearly American, both with blonde hair, blue eyes, light skin, and a touristy camera, our entire aroma is a dangerous target, but knowing me, I would have risked the chance! I'm a happy camper to see my Jesus early! I can’t wait to go next March with Dad though. Its going to be such a blessing. I’m so excited for that trip! 

We started walking back in the direction we'd came from again along the coast.. we watched a couple surfers, kite-surfers, people jogging- several with dogs, and many just enjoying the calm atmosphere of Tarifa's morning. The breeze was a bit chilly, but Tarifa is known to be the capital of wind surfers because of the excess quantity of wind passing through the Straight of Gibraltar. The windier the better for those practicing this challenging sport. Their kites are not just attached to a surf board, how I thought of wind surfing; rather, they are large kites that they hold on to letting the kites soar 100 feet in the air, and their board looks like a snow board with straps for their feet. They control the kite until they are ready and they make their way into the ocean and let the kite pull them through the waves. The immense strength and control the surfers have to guide them makes it look like a joy ride, but God knows that it is pure skill.

Honestly, the rest of the day is kind of a blur. We ate lunch and had the best mint green tea of my life! We tried to siesta afterwards on the beach, but 20 minutes laying down on that sand with the wind blowing, our bodies disappeared into the beach. We walked a little and took a nap back in our hotel room after we cleaned up from the dust-bowl-afternoon.  We slept a little longer than we thought and headed out around 7:30 to eat dinner. We caught a few processionals of Semana Santa and after walking around for an hour and a half we found a restaurant. We ate. He went to watch the last half of the soccer game. I went back and went to bed. 

The next day we left at 8:30am. The end. The beach was nice, but way too windy.


Salem said...

Cafe con leche and mint tea...I'm reliving my past through you!!! Mmmm good!

Elise Peak said...

(: Salem - Have you ever told me these stories? Did you study abroad or just travel?! I can't wait to see you when I get back.. we have a bunch of catching up to do

Marinda said...

What trip are you and your dad taking next March? To Africa??

Mom said...

Jesus has you for eternity!! I want you a bit longer on earth so PLEASE heed the warnings and stay safe!!!!!