Saturday, April 10, 2010


I don't have any pictures to show, because this Saturday was for pure relaxation.

After our big Spanish test on Friday morning, it was nice to get away to a warm beach on Saturday.  We met up at Plaza de Armas, the bus station close to the river, at 9:00.  We were thinking that the bus would leave sometime in that next hour, but we were wrong. Apparently on weekends, the buses run less than on the weekdays.... weird. We had to wait 2 hours and 3 different buses came to pick up the herd of students, international and Spanish, to Matalascaña. The bus ride was only an hour long, and every seat was occupied. Matalascaña is a small town and the bus stop drops us off close enough to the beach that we simply walk down the sidewalk and BAM! There it is.

6 of us girls plus the couple, Courtney and Ricky, found a great spot on the edge of the crowded beach. We laid there for hours just listening to music, reading, and talking. Then Nadia, Hayley, Julie, and I got brave enough to get in the ocean. At first, I couldn't even stand it on my feet, but once I caught my breath and after Nadia made me go under I was fine. The waves got big just as we got in and riding those waves were a blast!

We laid out a little longer and then made our way back to the bus stop.  An hour later we were back in Seville!

My kind of a Saturday. Completely chill with no obligations and many laughs.

I just made Ranch and I'm pretty pumped about it... just sayin' (:

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Marinda said...

Awesome! Sounds lovely. And YUM RANCH! lol :)