Saturday, May 29, 2010

Diving for Discs

Today, I tested out the opaque waters at Mackenzie Park. I had wanted to swim with the guys before finding discs, but I just never had enough guts to go all in. Well today Lauren Riggs and I plunged right in. It was disgusting!!! The floor of the "lake" or whatever you want to call it, was squishy and slimy. Dirty is a given.  We fished for discs for around an hour. I found 10 discs total not even counting all the ones Josh found! After I got past wanting to be pristine and clean, I actually enjoyed sweeping the pits of the swampy floor blindly searching for a long time to find a prize.

This reminds me of all those situations that I just won't put myself into even though I know it won't be all that bad. I knew the water would be welcoming, but I was scared of getting dirty, of possibly finding a snake, or anything else that would potentially hurt me.  The same is for diving into my community. I'm walking around people who I know don't know the Lord, but even though I am sometimes given the opportunity for that spiritual conversation, most of the time I take the most comfortable route and stick to non-religious topics as to not put myself in a sticky spot.

Once I did finally jump in that water and realize that I could find some gems in the muck, I was okay with the grimy situation. I want to start reaching out to those around me not with the Jehovah-witness style and telling people the faith that I believe is correct, but by diving in, finding the muck, the dirty, and the story behind that person's life to bring out the gem in them they might not have known they had through Jesus Christ.

The Christian I want to be isn't measured in the good deeds I've done, how many friends I can get, or how many missions I've gone on. No, I want my Christianity to be radiant and obvious when a stranger, an outsider, an observer sees my actions, my love for others, my compassion, and my obvious relationship with the Lord.

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Marinda said...

Awesome anagology, Elise. Very beautiful and deep :)