Thursday, June 24, 2010

1st time answering the phone at work...gone wrong.

Schedule for June 24, 2010:

7am: wake up
8am: technology in pfp class
10am: technical writing class
12pm: pick up iPhone 4G
1:30-3pm: get ready for work
3pm: do homework for pfp class
4-9:15pm: work
9:30-11pm: team meeting to work on project

As you can see, my day was PACKED!!! I didn't realize that I hadn't eaten until I was walking out of the library at 11 and I was talking to my friend about food. Wow- ditz. Anyway, check out the video to get the details about how I did answering the phone for the first time. Apparently, names are important?


Kyle Vernor said...

I got my iPhone today too!!!!! It's awesome!!!

Mom said...

Loved this so much! I'm not sure I could be so natural just talking into a camera... this was so you, so of course I loved it :-)

Deidra said...

I know this is probably what I said last time but you are a riot. Love you Elise Peak.

alikemp said...

I could NOOOOOOOT stop laughing!