Saturday, July 3, 2010


These are a few items that my little heart desires at the moment.

Drop handle bars for my bike
tennis shoes
itunes card because I have a billion songs I want to buy
otter box phone cover for my 4G iPhone
car mats
magic carpet
flight to Cambodia or Africa
James Avery bracelet
A lamp
Bike rack for my carrrr
Bed spread
French press coffee maker
Coffee bean grinder
tea pot
a machine to mold clay
guitar lessons
video camera of some sort
Microsoft Office 2007 for my mac (is that possible?)


Marinda said...

Wow! These are all MUST HAVES?? Seems more like REALLY WANTS ;)

What happened to the phone cover we got you? Does it not fit the new phone?

Snooty Primadona said...

Hi Elise: I'm a (semi) golfing buddy of your Mom's & saw her at lunch today. We started chatting & when I told her I had a blog she told me about yours. I also told her I'm going to Italy in September (with another married lady), so she said I needed to read your blog! I'm hoping to discover how to tour Rome & Italy without looking like an idiot or a major target. Can you possibly help? Your mom told of your travels, so I'm thrilled to kind of *meet* you!

At any rate, I'm going to follow you & see if I can go through your archives for tips. What a grand life you live!

And, you have such a great, cool Mom!

Elise Peak said...

So what is your real name?! I'll have to meet up with you! I went to Italy last summer, and there are a bunch of entries there, and then I went this last time in April or May? I just visited Milano, Venice, Lake Como, and two other towns; however, I was by myself. I wouldn't recommend doing that! Last summer I went to Chinque Terra, Rome, Pisa, Florence, and Naples.

Its hard to take advice from my experiences because I have couchsurfed. You should check out if you are looking for free lodging/food and you would like to know the city/town as a native would. I loved seeing the sights, but i also liked knowing where the locals hung out.

There is absolutely no way to avoid not looking like an American. Unless you have crooked teeth, no makeup, an accent, and no camera, then you'll be good. But, Americans are naturally loud, pretty, and have fancy cameras. I have a big camera, dirty blonde hair, and thanks to invisaline i have straight teeth, so i had no chance. The more I talked to the locals, the more I was accepted.

Have my mom set up a time so that we can meet! I could write a novel on here!

I can, however, give you some great advice on what NOT to do, and great places to visit!

Salem said...

Hi Elise. Just lettin' you know I read your blog from time to time. And, I love you!