Monday, January 24, 2011

The Ring is on the Finger!

Here is the story!

On Sunday, Josh and I went to help out with Wesley's free lunch as usual. Afterward, Josh said he wanted to talk and hang out with Haley (his sister), so I just went back my house. At 2:15 I met up with Macy Waltz (my mentor) for our one-on-one time at J&B. The rhythm of our meeting was normal as we talked through our Christmas break and MLK weekend. At the end of our meeting time, I was about to leave when Macy nonchalantly said, "I have something for you."

In my mind I was thinking about the Christmas present that she told me she needed to give to me around December 1st.

She handed me a card with the J&B coffee Inc. logo with the "B" transformed to an "E" to make it "J&E." I was confused, but I just laughed and said, "Oh! How cool!" I opened up the card and I recognized Josh's hand writing. I started to read the note and I was beyond confused. I read through the note, and realized that today was a very important day.

The notes said, "Elise,
I hope you enjoyed your time at J&B,
but today there are many other things you must see.
Today is a day unlike any other.
Relax and enjoy our love for one another.
This trip will be an adventure of sorts,
but don't worry, you won't have to talk about or play sports.
To accompany you on your journey,
I am giving you a special "I love you" CD
So hurry up! Go to your next destination!
Go back to your house without hesitation!

I went into shock after I finished reading the riddle. I looked up at Macy and started practically hyper ventilating (not literally), but I did have an abnormal breathing pattern! And I was laughing and crying and trying to talk at the same time! I was ecstatic! I KNEW THAT TODAY WAS THE DAY! She handed me the "I love you" CD to go along with the letter. I didn't know what to say or do! I was paralyzed with excitement! Finally, Macy encouraged me to go and enjoy my night after several hugs.

On my way to my house, the first song that played was off of The Wedding Singer, Grow Old with You.

I opened my front door and a blanket of rose petals led me to my bed room. When I stepped in my room I was surprised by Amy and Diana who were under my sheets and blankets. They handed me the next note along with a necklace.

The note read, "Elise,
I hope you have found your friends in bed,
a bed you will share with someone else once you're wed!
While you are here get ready for the day.
Use Amy and Diana to dress you up in whatever way.
No matter what outfit you decide to show,
you are the most amazingly gorgeous woman I know.
Let the necklace I give you remind you of your beauty,
but remember, remember you still have a duty!
Where we first met at Raiderville is the place to be.
Go to the Southwest Conference Circle (E.S.S. Building) and Drive Safely!

I was thankful that two of my roommates and bestfriends could be a part of this journey! We talked about how much self control Diana and Amy must have had to keep a secret as exciting as this to themselves! They were thankful I wasn't home all weekend because I helped out with the Salt Shaker Retreat (Freshman retreat). After almost 2 hours of laughing, screaming, crying, sweating, and singing in a tiny bathroom, I was finally ready with hair curled, makeup and outfit on. Both Amy and Diana gave me their blessing and sent me on my way to campus.

I was singing to My Cococo by Stellastarr, but the second I pulled up in the parking lot I started bawling. Ali Dawn Kemp, my best friend/sister from high school, was standing holding a bouquet of flowers about 50 ft. away. I knew it wasn't easy for her to drive up to Lubbock and give up an entire day. (I found out later that she had been standing out there for over 2 hours waiting on me without a coat- She is a true friend!). I stepped out of my car and ran over to her. She gave me a big hug and we cried together. On the ground, "I love you" was spelled out in coffee beans, and the bouquet of flowers had my favorite flower Renunculas along with roses and tulips.

After we were united and she gave me the flowers she pulled out the note.

She read, "Renunculas, Renunculas
Ali is here, how reDONCulous!
I will always remember the night we first met,
My life was forever changed in a way I don't regreat.
I will always remember your smile and cream headband (:
filling up the night air, I just knew you were a special brand.
These flowers are unique and so are you.
Go beautifully on with your next clue
to the Wesley Foundation's Intern Office for a special surprise
as you gaze upon something with your eyes.

By the way... I was wearing a yellow headband, but Josh vividly remembers it being cream! Then, Ali and I packed up in my car to head to the Wesley as we listened to Firework by Katy Perry.

I walked into the side door of the Wesley Foundation and found hundreds of rose petals leading up the stairs, into the intern office all the way to Josh's desk, and ending on the keyboard. It was dark, but it was lit up with several red candles. Beside the computer a beautiful mosaic of the world was titled "Oh the Places We'll Go..."

At this point, I was confused. There was no note and I wasn't sure what to do next. Ali came over and tapped the mouse and the computer screen came on. A Skype sign in screen was on the desktop. I logged in (on the second try! I forgot my password!) and I just waited silently for a couple of minutes. Then I get a call from my Daddy. We probably set there for a good couple of minutes before we could really talk to each other. We just cried a ton of happy tears. Then he told me how proud he was of me and of the person I had become. He reminded me that we had begun to pray for my future financé and husband together when I was around 6. (both of my parents had prayed for him since the moment I was born) I gave his blessing for Josh and my relationship and he couldn't be happier.

Then he read the note from Josh, "Skype Skype. I miss it but not really
all those nights that we talked until one of us was weary
through all of the video talking and chatting
I continued to fall in love with a girl so dazzling.
Of course you have a great Skype personality
especially the way you alway knew how to me.
Now you will no longer have to travel alone,
I look forward to "the places we will go" like Rome
So off to Spirit Ranch you will go
to a place so special for a reason you already know.

I said my good byes and we blew out the candles. I grabbed the canvas and we headed out to Spirit Ranch. I was fully expecting Josh to be there because after all that is where had decided to get married. We enjoyed several songs included On a Night Like This by Dave Barnes. As soon as I pulled up I looked for Josh, but instead I saw a beautiful couple, Kyle, my roomate, and Bryce. You can image I started crying again. I noticed some candles in the shape of a heart on the ground when Bryce started reading the next note...

It read, "Ah, I'm not here, but did you think I would be?
Oh well, at the next place you will soon see
a handsome man who has been excited to see you.
Smile, the adventure is almost over for you, too.
The question of most interest to me
Are you willing to "plan your life" to someone on bended knee?
Go to my parents' house. You know what's next
Be extra safe, and please don't text!

As Bryce read the line "plan your life," Kyle handed me a daily planner that said, "Elise, I'm excited to plan the rest of my life with you! I love you so much! Josh Hurst." I cried more and hugged them. They both gave me some encouraging words and they sent me off to my next destination.

We drove all the way across down, and we had to make a pit stop at a Valero. I was going to hold it, but Ali said that I'll probably pee my pants if I didn't go.

We pull up to the house, and Ali ran to the back of the house. Luminaries lined the sidewalk leading into the living room. I walked slowly towards. From luminaries, candles started lining the walkway into the house. Rose petals made a path toward the center of the room, and also coffee beans made the path narrow. I looked up at him as I stepped across the threshold and let the tears roll. I walked from the tile to the carpet. Josh was standing in the center of a world map tapestry. It was lined with christmas lights and rose petals were scattered over it. The fire place was in full blaze. Candles, coffee beans, and rose petals lined the counters, window seals, and tables. The essence of two smells I grew up with - my dad's cup of coffee in his flower shop - reminded me of what a great life that I've had that has led up to this.

I stepped into the center with him. We waited just taking in the moment to speak. Finally, I smiled and said, "Hi."

He said hi back, and then he told me how special I was to him. He said he had never told this to me before but that my passion for the Lord and my drive to pursue His will is the reason why he loved me the most. He explained why he was attracted to my character and heart. Then he told me a few other reason why he was excited to spend the rest of his life with me.

Then, he reach down on the small side table that was right beside him covered in candles and rose petals and picked up a white box. He said, "Kimberlyn Elise Peak" and he bent down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

I said "YES YES YES!!!"

Then he opened the box and slid the ring on my finger.

25 minutes later, 30 of our friends and Josh's family gathered there to celebrate! It couldn't have ended better to spend that exciting milestone with close friends!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Elise! I am estatically Happy for you both!

Kyle Vernor said...

Congratulations to you both! I really enjoyed the time I got to spend with you guys at Brittany's wedding! You are great together and I can't wait to be at your wedding! CONGRATS AGAIN!!! I wish you both the best!

laurie mcelroy said...

E- i just can hardly type right now cause im bawlin my eyes out- you are so Blessed and so is your sweet man!
happy happy engagement to you both - your parents must be so excited!

Terry Peak Photography said...

Wow Elise! young lady I was reading that little post just now, and I am just a knot of emotion all over again! I love you and Josh and I am just seriously excited about your future....You my dear are engaged to a Wonderful man. I can not see ANYTHING BUT GOOD in this relationship!

Cyndi Bollinger said...

What an amazing proposal. You guys are going to have an amazing life together and I know God is blessing this union. ou are both amazing people and I wish you the best life ever.

Marinda said...

Ohhhhh this is so epic!!! Congrats sister! Josh is amazing :)

Anonymous said...

well at least i didn't bawl like a little baby when i read this!!! i'm super happy for you girl!! sounds like you found someone amazing!! :)

Bayley said...

well at least i didn't bawl like a little baby when i read this!!! i'm super happy for you girl!! sounds like you found someone amazing!! :)

daryla said...

wow, all the roads have lead you to this place! i'm so happy for you, and so very proud to have been a small part of your trip! i love you baby girl!!

Salem said...

Thanks for sharing Elise! What a sweet, romantic story! We are so excited for you and Josh. God has good things in store for y'all!
Love ya!