Thursday, December 29, 2011

Coffee in a Whole New Perspective.

Now that I am a whole 3 days experienced as a barista, I thought I would share some of values that I've learned.

Microfoam cannot be resteamed and microwaving milk to give it an extra warmth boost is a "no no."

If you can't pour milk directly in the center of an espresso - you are obviously not ready for latte art. And to add to that, don't pour the milk to slowly because the milk will "separate before [your] eyes!" - Jiminey. Also, don't make someone laugh as they are pouring delicious yummy milk into a drinky drink, because it is hard for them to not only pour consistently but to actually make it into the cup.

Basket to the gasket. Finger to the ringer. Immediately. Meaning after you tamp the grinds... put that business to the 'spro machine and get that hot water going.

A classic cappuccino is 6 oz.... so don't ask for a tall classic cap, alright?

A macchiato is not a tall, grande, or venti carmalicious mocha-fantasic drink. Its a hardcore drink with a double shot of espresso with a dash of steamed milk that equals 3-4 ounces! ITS TINY!

Oh yea.. that cool leaf on your chai latte is called a rosetta.

More to add later on, but for now just remember "its all part of the process."

Cap one the left: good. cap on the right: bad.


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Cherl Prince said...

Love this! Want more - your barista training is so interesting!!! So if you can't microwave milk to get it hot how are you supposed to heat it? Double boiler?

Love you!