Thursday, March 22, 2012

Haiti: March 8-10

March 8th

We left Lubbock in two 15 passenger vans around 4pm. Singing songs the entire way made the 65mph ride a fun one. We were caught up in a small snow storm, but we eventually made it to Dallas by 11pm. After unloading and prepping for the morning, we were all asleep by 1am.

March 9th

We left the house in Carrolton at 6:30am. Our plane left by 9:30am, and we arrived in Miami at 1:10pm, Eastern time. We flew from Miami to Port au Prince, the capital of Haiti. We originally planned to immediately load the bus and caravan through the night to the Mole, but instead we stayed the night at a hotel. We played card games and processed through a team meeting about what we were about to see in the Mole. Honestly, at this point I was prepared for the poverty level from being exposed to it last year during Spring Break. I was nervous to see the same Haitian girls that I met last year and I wouldn't know their name. I was also feeling uneasy with the pink eye in my right eye, but I knew that I wouldn't let that affect the ministry God prepared for me to do in the following week. My cabin went to bed close to 9am. We pulled two queen mattresses into the second room in our suite in order for everyone to have some air conditioning through the night. I wish that I would have taken a picture, because we fit 5 mattresses into 1 room. It was like a jigsaw puzzle!

March 10th

We woke up at 2:30am (ready to leave at 3am), but we didn't actually leave until 4:30am. The bus driver didn't feel rested enough, which I couldn't blame him. I slept for 40 more minutes before I joined the rest of the team. I was noxious before I ever stepped foot on the bus. After an hour and a half (on semi paved roads), I had to lean over Abby Graham to puke out of the window. She had to look away - poor girl. I will spare you the details of my sickness, but I did end up throwing up the entirety of the bus ride.

After 5 hours, we stopped in Port de Paix and picked up 7 children, under the age o 2-years-old, for the orphanage in the Mole. I got to hold Samita. She had the brightest smile and held on to me for the rest of the trip. Last year, the TTU Wesley team helped shovel and wheel-barrel dirt into the floors of the orphanage to build the foundation. To me, this was the least enjoyable part of the trip. We didn't get to talk to any Haitians. The location was secluded and it was just our group getting blisters on our hands. The orphanage seemed so desolate and a forever-long process to build. I didn't see a "seed" planted or a life changed last year. However, the orphanage was completely finished when we brought all of these Haitian orphans to their new home. A bathroom and shower facility was built along with a small outdoor kitchen. Bunk-beds were in the rooms ready for their sweet heads to lie on. There were hundreds of toddler toys ready to play with. And, there was an enormous sand box ready to be dug in. I was reminded that when God uses us even in a small way, it can make a difference. I saw the fruit that day of what we did last year. What a blessing that was to see....

The team decided to rinse off by going to the beach for the afternoon. We recuperated for the rest of the day, and most of us were asleep by 9pm.

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