Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 1 and 2 in Davao

Sunday|December 16
My first day in Davao looked pretty much the same as it would back in the states. Nolan, Salem, and Caleb picked me up from the airport at 8:45am, and we went to a coffee shop. I'm not sure if that was for my sanity, to keep me awake, or just somewhere that Nolan wanted to go, but of course I loved it. For lunch we went with they entire Silvey gang and met up with one of the mid wives that Salem works with and her husband and 2 girls. I'm pretty sure my meal was the Philippino version of Mexican food, but it was delicious! In the afternoon Nolan and I joined the Sunday volleyball crew and played competitive volleyball for 3 straight hours. I think I played 11 games total, and I won all but one. I was amazed at the level of athleticism among the missionaries and high school students. That night was a deep sleep to say the least. Salem dropped me off at the dorm, and I was asleep within ten minutes! Within 72 hours, I traveled to 5 different airports in 3 different countries with less than 10 hours of sleep, but I can say that I was not a victim of jet lag due to a little caffeine and an exponential amount of tiring volleyball
Monday|December 17
Nolan picked me up around 9am to go with the family and Salem’s parents to Eden Mountain Resort. It took us about an hour by car to get up the mountain. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it definitely exceeded my expectations. How could it not surpass them when it is spring weather all year round with constant luscious foliage? There couldn’t have been a better name than Eden for this place. There were dozens of flowers in full bloom and thousands of different trees with and without fruit. When we got there we started off at the zip lines while Salem took a nap in the car. She wasn’t feeling well from her head cold and the increased altitude. She said she felt better after 2 hours.
The zip line was amazing! Willow, strapped to the front of me, sang as loud as she could “I believe I can fly.” There is nothing cuter than a blonde-haired blue-eyed 3 year old with a fearless personality. As we soared over the trees, I could see all the way down the mountain to the edge of the island where the beach met the ocean. I think the slight drizzle that covered all of us heightened the moment. Such a sight to see and a cool thing to experience!
Later we explored the aviary or “bird park,” garden, and buttery nursery. My favorite was the butterfly nursery. We were able to hold them, but I was TERRIBLE at it. I remember being fearless as a child, but for some reason I was freaked out by some of these butterflies. The butterfly tender held out a butterfly for Benjamin to hold with this weird thing hanging down from the body, and he said that it was “just the sex organ.” It was funny, but still… I didn’t want that on me and neither did Benjamin! I tried for half an hour to catch a butterfly, but the larger butterflies got the best of me and I chickened out most of the time. Salem chased me around trying to get a picture, but we ended up getting one that was on a flower. The picture below is a butterfly that was crawling up my shirt and Isaac saved me! This was not posed at all, but Salem got it right in time.
After lunch and a tour through the resort, we went back to Davao. Salem and I went to the clinic to help out one of her fellow midwives for what she called a “ pap smear party.” Juniper is a character. She is from Alaska, and has multiple skills from being a masseuse, fire dancer, and barista. She brought doughnut holes and coca cola for the 6 women who showed up for the “party.” Salem showed me how to take the women’s pulse rate, respiration rate, and BP while Juni did the pap smears. Those are simple skills, but I had never been taught prior to the party.
I tried to summarize the day, but there was so much to it! I knew this trip was going to be an adventure.

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