Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pregnancy: Week 17

This week marks 17 weeks of pregnancy! I have gone through pretty drastic emotions of apathy towards my school work, extreme sadness leaving Josh (which he laughed because of how hard I cried), and complete joy being with my family. My hormones are out of control...geez. But I am so happy to be finished with my academic coursework for the rest of eternity and to have the next 3 weeks off before I start my summer rotation.

This week the baby's skeleton is actually changing from soft cartilage to bone. He is the size of a large onion and is 5 inches long and weighs 5 ounces. The umbilical cord is growing thicker and stronger. (It still freaks me out a little that I'm growing an entirely new organ - the placenta - to nurture my baby) Anyway, he is developing sweat glands, which is good because I have been working out like a crazy person.

Photo Credit: Kat Marcum Photography Go here to check out her website!

How far along? 17 weeks
Baby is the size of a: Onion
Total weight gain: 9-10 pounds - basically still the same
Maternity clothes? Yes, and thank the Lord for them. Even my pants that I used to wear when I weighed 15 more pounds than I weigh now (when I came back from Spain) are uncomfortable. I can still wear them, but I want to kill the metal button every time I sit down.
Stretch marks? No
Sleep: Semi-good. I am still fighting the battle of sleeping on my side. I'll fall asleep on my side and wake up on my back.
Best moment this week: Finishing the last final of my entire school career!!! By my last exam, I was like "I'm making a baby, which is way cooler than making an "A" on this test." Also, eating real Tex Mex was a pretty significant moment - I'm in Texas now for the next 2 weeks.
Movement: I am still feeling the baby having a dance party in my belly, but I can't feel it yet with my hand.
Food cravings:Well, I keep forgetting to mention that I've been craving chicken broth (or any light broth) for the past 3 weeks. I eat a broth-based soup almost every other day.
Miss Anything? I miss wearing some of my cute dresses - they are way too tight or they don't hit in the right spot, so I can't wear them anymore. As far as foods, I've been pretty okay staying away from the "no list."
Gender: We still don't know, but I've gotten 3 messages/emails from friends saying that they think it's a girl and then the store owner at my favorite Midland Mexican food restaurant, Doña Anita's, said that she thinks it's a boy. I think I might take a poll of some sort.
Labor Signs: No
Symptoms: I was so happy to report that I haven't had any sickness at all this week..... until I got on an airplane. Let's just say that there was a lot of turbulence from the rain storm, and my tummy did not handle it well.
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood? Relaxed since my finals have been over with and so excited that I'm with my family in Texas.
Looking forward to: Just being here every day with my family. I have not been with my family since Thanksgiving and I'm just taking in every moment. Although I am looking forward to seeing my fellow Techsans when I get to Lubbock this week.


Meredith Moorman said...

SO glad I finally got to see your sweet face and that precious belly in person! Love you!!!

Anonymous said...

I love that you took these pictures in the garden! Growing veggies and growing bebe!

Love you!