Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pregnancy: Week 18

I am 18 weeks pregnant this week! This entire week has been the most joy filled trip back to Texas. I have completely worn myself and little baby Hurst out by staying up at ungodly hours of the night and getting up early. Normally I'm not that hard on my body, but I haven't wanted to waste any time when there are so many good people to catch up with. I am so thankful for every one who has taken time out to meet with me and catch up. It fills my soul to know that so many of my friends still want to stay closely connected even though I live half way across the country. Most of what I've written about is pure happiness, but I've also been faced with grief with the death of a very close friend (which is the 2nd death of a friend in a span of 2 weeks). I am thoroughly in shock with the death of such a young and spirited life. My friend Jordan Watts lived a life that allowed God to show His raw unyielding talent through music and art. He was effortlessly gifted in any endeavor he tried his hand at: water color, painting, doodling, latte art, banjo, ukulele, and vocals. Although this isn't a happy time, I am still filled with joy knowing the tremendous influence he made on hundreds of lives as the face of Christ. I pray that my little one will represent Christ in any action that he or she does and leave a legacy that will always point back to Jesus.

My little one has been busy growing and developing this week. He is the length of a bell pepper, which is about 5 1/2 inches long (my bell pepper in the picture is a tad small). He weighs almost 7 ounces and has really started flexing his arms and legs. The ears are in their final position, but may not be proportionate to the head because they may be sticking out a little. According to my handy app, friends, and midwife, I technically should be able to get an ultrasound and find out the gender of the baby, but most of you know that Josh and I are not going to find out the gender until he or she is born!

***Photo Credit: Olive Tree Photography. Corie Williams took my pictures this week, because I'm visiting Texas. I am extremely grateful for her and her friendship! Go visit her Facebook page and website!

How far along? 18 weeks
Baby is the size of a: Bell Pepper
Total weight gain: 9-10 pounds - basically still the same
Maternity clothes? I'm wearing all baby bump pants and now my button up shirts are starting to become a little tight. I even bought some of these shirts a size up knowing I'd be bigger, but they are already becoming uncomfortable.
Stretch marks? No
Sleep: Ehh.. I've been sleeping semi-okay, but I think it's because Josh is in Kentucky and I'm Texas. Also Erin Davis, Abby Graham, Shannon Tumy, and Brittany Busch are to blame for keeping me up several hours past my normal bed time on two different nights! I was basically incoherent the following morning after each of those nights.
Best moment this week: I am really not sure if I can narrow it down to just one "moment." Seeing my mom, cousins, and their kids in person was something that never gets old. The twins are growing up so fast and Zack is so much fun to be around. He is full of energy, but he is also really learning how to build relationships and talk with people. I love hanging out with him. Then I went to my old stomping grounds at Texas Tech, and I think I have absolutely worn myself out trying to see my best friends and favorite people. Then on top of that I got to spend 4 days with my in-laws, and I was able to travel 2 hours to see my 2 high school besties and my grandparents! WHAT A WEEK!
Movement: I feel like I haven't felt the baby move any more than I did last week, but it's the same news I have to report - I can feel the baby move, but I can't feel it with my hand.
Food cravings: Cravings, related to pregnancy, have really been non-existent this week. I have craved the food at my favorite restaurants, but that is because I have the opportunity to eat at them this week!
Miss Anything? I did miss sandwich meat this week. I guiltily bought and ate a club sandwich (by myself with no witnesses). It was the best club I think I have ever ever EVER had. I decided that a half sandwich wouldn't do any damage.
Gender: It's still a surprise, but 3 girls said they think I'm having a girl and 2 said they think I'm having a boy.
Labor Signs: No
Symptoms: I haven't had any morning sickness at all this week! I have been a little tired, but I can deal with a "little."
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood? Better than ever.
Looking forward to: Seeing my brother, sister-in-law, Dad, Dallas Mitchell cousins, Swink family, and Borger Swink family. We are basically having an unofficial family reunion! Bring on the late night laughs and card games.


Anonymous said...

Olive Tree kept up the standard of Kat! Love these pictures! I am so sorry that you lost your friend but happy that you had some good time with him before he was gone. I am excited to have you back in Midland and looking forward to the weekend myself!!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

why cant you eat sandwiches?


Elise Hurst said...

Ama, deli meat and hot dogs contain a bacteria called listeria. It is formed by the juices that these meat sit in before consumed. This bacteria can cause a food poisoning called Listeriosis. Pregnant woman are more susceptible to getting this food poisoning, which can cause a miscarriage. But the good news is you can heat up these meats and it destroys the bacteria. So I shouldn't have had that club sandwich with the cold meats.