Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pregnancy: Week 24

This past week (June 25 - July 1), I was 24 weeks pregnant, and I feel like I just grew 2-3 weeks just in this past week. I had growing pains last thursday (the 27th), and I knew that baby Hurst was making something happen in my belly! The next few days I felt bigger, and then my belly button decided to turn inside out yesterday! So now, yes people, my belly button is an outie! When I noticed it in the afternoon, I screamed down stairs for Josh to come upstairs, but maybe I should have mentioned to him that it was just so that he could look at my body changes. He was almost panicked thinking I hurt myself or something, but when he figured out I just wanted to show him my belly button, he was almost excited as I was. To us, it means baby Hurst is getting bigger, which in turn means that he/she is that much closer to meeting us in person.

It's hard for me to believe each week that I will get even bigger than I already am, but each month I am tremendously bigger than the previous month and so is baby Hurst. He/she is just longer than an ear of corn, which is 1 foot. He is working on getting plump and filling out his skin! Baby Hurst has gained about 4 ounces since last week, putting him or her just over a pound. Now a lot of the brain is starting to develop including the size and neural connections! The taste buds are developing, and I can only assume that he/she can now taste whatever amniotic fluid tastes like (kind of gross and cool at the same time). (:

***Photo Credit: Kat Marcum Photography***

How far along? 24 weeks
Baby is as long as: an ear of corn
Total weight gain: 20ish pounds
Maternity clothes? yes, and some of my pants without the stretchy band that covers my whole belly almost don't fit anymore. The elastic just folds right under my belly.
Stretch marks? Still no sign of them, but I have been keeping the vitamin E lotion on all the time.
Sleep: I've been going to sleep early, but I keep waking up 2-3 times in the night to either use the restroom or roll over. Rolling over has now become a cognitive task.
Best moment this week: Experiencing our first birthing class! We are taking a Bradley Method class that lasts 10 weeks, and the first meeting exceeded my expectations. I'm excited to go back
Movement:The movements just keep getting bigger and longer in duration. I've already told baby Hurst to lay down a couple of times, but he/she likes to dance instead of sleep.
Food cravings: Nothing in particular, but I still have been extra picky when deciding what I will and won't eat. This has never been an issue before I was pregnant, so Josh is definitely not used to me being so particular!
Miss Anything? I miss laying on my stomach to read. You don't realize the smallest positions along with food and other activities that you can't have or do until you are actually pregnant.
Gender: We are still letting it be a surprise, but I'm still thinking the baby will be a boy.
Symptoms: Same as last week - just getting bigger.
Belly Button in or out? OUT!
Wedding rings on or off? on
Mood? Tired! I get home around 7:30pm from work and I fall asleep usually 2-3 hours after getting home.
Looking forward to: The 4th of July celebrations!


Meredith Moorman said...

24 weeks! I can't even believe it! Can't wait to see the pictures! Love you!!!

Rosie Mason said...

You are the cutest preggo girl EVER. I am currently 39 weeks and 2 days with our first little girl, tina. I WISH I looked like you pregnant!!! You are doing awesome, and I adore your updates I get so excited when I see Your baby:) Congrats!
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