Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pregnancy: Week 35

This week 35 of my pregnancy has been full of relaxation mainly. Last weekend we went to Herrington Lake on a leadership retreat in order to grow closer to the other leaders and youth pastor at our church and prepare for the upcoming school year for the youth. We rented a pontoon, ate a ton of really good food, and drank a lot of cappuccinos - well really I just poured a lot of cappuccinos to make latte art, but I stuck to my 1 drink a day!

Baby Hurst is about the same size of a honeydew weighing 5 1/4 pound! Yes, that means baby Hurst gained 1/2 of a pound in one week! He or she should measure around 18 inches long. There really isn't much room in my womb, so the baby is unlikely to do somersaults, which is okay with me since the baby is fully locked and loaded in the anterior position, where the baby is head down and his or her back is facing away from my spine. This position is ideal for birth.

***Josh took these again this week! All the pictures are pretty golden because we took them as the sun was setting.***

How far along? 35 weeks
Baby weighs as much as a: Honeydew
Total weight gain: 31-32 pounds
Maternity clothes? Yes... I am now very limited, because most of my shirts aren't long enough!
Stretch marks? The ones on my sides close to my buttocks have darker.... bleh... I hate even admitting I even have them! I'd like to just lie and say, "No I have none, and I haven't gained weight at all in my face!" But the reality is - every woman's body changes when you carry and grow another human being, and the changes are better excepted than rejected.
Sleep: Sleep has been similar to the previous weeks, but my hips have started hurting from sleeping on my sides with the increased weight.
Best moment this week: Baby Hurst had hiccups twice this week, and it was the cutest moment ever! I was prepared for someday that baby Hurst would get them, but to experience it is so special. It is like I was able to comfort baby Hurst for the first time as his or her mom while the hiccups subsided.
Movement: Movement has been large and in charge. The baby has also moved down, which has given me some symptoms that I'll explain on the "symptoms" question.
Food cravings: Just jalepeƱos again. Nothing new...
Miss Anything? At this point I just missing rolling out of bed, walking, or breathing without feeling so much pressure in my abdomen.
Symptoms: I did experience sickness when we were driving down a windy Kentuckian shoulder-less road, but that was to be expected after I ate blueberry oatmeal bake, chips and salsa, and a cup of coffee for breakfast. Last Sunday I took a walk with Josh and had to literally carry my belly in order to avoid discomfort through our walk. I was a tinge of pain, but not necessarily Braxton Hicks contractions, because the pressure was relieved as soon as I lifted. Josh cut our walk short to a mile.
Belly Button in or out? Out. Unless baby Hurst moves in a certain position and then it just sits flesh with the rest of my belly.
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood? Great every other day, but today was pretty emotional. That is thanks to the incredible chapel service today.
Looking forward to: My 36 week up check up! Although I am kind of nervous, because it will be my very first appointment without Josh.

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