Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pregnancy: Week 36

I am actually posting this relatively close to my week 36 marker! Yay! This week has been full of planning for a baby shower I am hosting with two other girls at my house for a dear friend who is 3 and 1/2ish weeks behind me in her pregnancy. I have made tassel garland out of tissue, a diaper cake, a "it's a girl" banner," and successfully pushed all my furniture (well I didn't actually move it) against the walls for mingle space! It is this afternoon and I am so glad we rescheduled it for this weekend instead of next weekend. I am getting to the point where it is slightly painful - as in not unbearable - to walk and move around. The baby has dropped into my pelvis making it impossible for me to even think about crossing my legs!

Baby Hurst is just preparing himself or herself to come on into this world. I posted more about the position of the baby, my dilation measurements, and effacement percentage down in "best moment this week." Baby Hurst is pretty keen on what space is his/hers and does not like it invaded. Josh was talking to the baby this morning and was laying his head on the side of my belly, and baby Hurst kicked Josh around 8 times. He or she only kicked when Josh's face was against my belly adding pressure. I can already tell baby Hurst likes space!

***These pictures were taken impromptu by Josh right before we went on a little boat trip down the Dix River. As you can tell by the pictures, my hair is dwindling, my makeup is almost non-existent from when I put it on that morning, and we don't have the Swiss Chard this week. BUT we did capture this week's baby bump, so mission accomplished!*** 

How far along? 36 weeks
Baby is as long as a: Swiss Chard Stalk (18 1/2 inches)
Total weight gain: 33 pounds (the baby should weigh around 6 pounds now)
Maternity clothes? Is it bad when your yoga pants are a smidge too tight? I'm just glad Josh like the extra junk in the trunk, because I didn't just gain weight in my belly.
Stretch marks? No new ones! Yay!
Sleep: Sleep has been similar to the previous weeks, but my hips have started hurting from sleeping on my sides with the increased weight.
Best moment this week: The conversation I had with Melissa Courtney, my midwife, was definitely a great moment for me. I was red in the face with embarrassment as I was getting my first vaginal exam and GBS test. I know she does this ALL THE TIME, but there is something about those that still get me a tad uncomfortable (the first time at least). My fundal height measured at 34 cm, which is 2 cm short of average for me being 36 weeks pregnant, but I am still within normal limits. Melissa asked if I wanted to have a vaginal exam and I did, it's my curious self coming out after containing it for so long with the baby's gender. She said I was 1cm dilated and 50% effaced! Before I (or you) get too excited, that doesn't necessarily mean I am having the baby in a week. It could still be several weeks from now. Melissa said the baby is already low into my pelvis head down. She said she could tell I do squats and kegel exercises, which was a huge compliment to me! She said the baby's back is resting more on my left side, because there is more room there due to the placement of my liver being on the right side. She told me to get on all fours and move the baby into the right position and then do squats or exercise on my birthing ball. This will help move the baby into the best position for birth. She also said I would labor well. This just put me at so much ease, especially because I was a little nervous going into the appointment without Josh in the first place. I really can't brag enough about her! She is incredible.
Movement: Movement has really just been baby Hurst stretching out and then curling back up on my left side. Occasionally I'll move him or her to the center of my belly and he or she will plop right back over. Stubborn little baby!
Food cravings: JalepeƱos and tomatoes.
Miss Anything? VOLLEYBALL! I wanted to cry the other night when Josh was playing with his intramural team and I just had to watch from the stands. BOO! Maybe after the baby is born I could catch a few games... maybe?
Symptoms: No symptoms this week except sheer excitement for the next weeks to hurry up!
Belly Button in or out? Just plain out.
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood? Great and more outgoing then normal!
Looking forward to: All of my appointments next week! I am getting glasses, because I am pretty sure I am not going to want to wear my contacts all the time during and after birth. I am also getting my teeth cleaned, which I LOVE (I don't understand why people don't enjoy it... it's like taking a good scrub-down bath, but for your teeth. Come on people, it's not that painful!). I will also be having weekly prenatal check ups now. Okay.. so maybe I just like checking to-do's off my list, but eye and dentist appointments have been on my list FOREVER. Here's to a productive week next week!

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