Saturday, October 5, 2013

Pregnancy: Week 38

Week 38 of my pregnancy has been pretty laid back. I have just been keeping myself busy with quilting, auditing a class, and working for the Tuesday farmer's market. I have had to start all of my phone calls with "No, I'm not in labor" with multiple people. I promise you all I will NOT be calling you when I go into labor. I will be texting a select few (; Then everyone else will either find out through the grape vine or I might be up to a status update on Facebook (but no promises). Otherwise, you'll all find out after baby Hurst is born!

Okay I have to share this story of when I thought my water broke this past Tuesday. After my Spiritual Formation class I am taking, I was walking out with Marilyn Elliot and Sarah Jackson to our cars, and in the middle of our conversation I gasped making both ladies immediately look at my body. I freaked out telling them I felt a large gush of water come out! They asked if it felt like peeing, but I said it didn't and it had never felt like anything else I'd experienced. I asked if you could see it on my pants given I can't see over my belly, but it was almost 9pm and in the dark they said they couldn't see anything. After convincing them and myself my water broke, I drove home only to realize my water didn't break. I just straight up peed my pants. I knew sneezing, coughing, or laughing too hard could cause peeing your pants, but apparently just walking and talking can cause you to urinate all over yourself too. Yay for no bladder control! **FALSE ALARM** everyone... false alarm.

***Josh took these as it was sprinkling just before the down pour! The ones with the flowers are taken in the Ditto's beautiful garden****

How far along? 38 weeks and 3 days
Baby is as long as a: Leek (19 1/2 inches)
Total weight gain: 34 pounds (the baby should weigh around 6.8 pounds now)
Maternity clothes? I am still wearing all the same maternity clothes, but I am incorporating boots, tights, and scarfs to make them more fall wear.
Stretch marks? Still none on my belly - that one tiny one hasn't reappeared either!
Sleep: Sleep has been okay, but it is almost impossible to roll from side to side. I usually get out of bed any time I wake up to use the restroom and then switch sides I am laying on. One night this week I got up at least 8 times needing to use the restroom or just waking up due to labor dreams. I kept jumping up  thinking my water broke or I was having my first contraction.
Best moment this week: Josh and I were reviewing the material in the Bradley Method birthing book this week. We went through all the stages of labor, and when we got to the transition stage or the "self doubt" stage, Josh started to teared up a little. People say this is the hardest part of natural labor, because it is when the mother starts to seriously doubt whether she can go through with it all. It is a time to actually be excited, because that means the baby is so close to being born! Many women opt to have an epidural at this point and it actually slows down contractions and labor. I started laughing and tearing up myself, and I asked him why he was so touched. He said he was just so excited to go through this together and be a part of our sweet son or daughter being born. He said he is ready to encourage me through this experience... I just don't know how women have done this without support. Josh is going to be an incredible birth coach when the time comes!
Movement: Baby Hurst is pretty comfortable at this point, but he or she is certainly filling out the uterus more and more. Every once in a while baby Hurst will shift his or her back from my left to right side, but most of the time I only feel movement in my pelvis. It feels like excessive pressure now and again and all baby Hurst is doing is moving south.
Food cravings: This week has been so weird... I actually haven't craved jalapeƱos much this week, although I have eaten them almost every day. I was given a sack full when I worked the Farmer's Market, my neighbor gave me a plastic bag full, my good friend gave me a farmer's market basket full, and the couple we are house sitting for this weekend stocked up on them for me. I am SO sorry to all of you that have been so generous, but I cannot possibly eat them all! I have given away a ton of them. I have actually craved chicken broth again and sour punch straws. Actually, I could go for some sour punch straws right now!
Miss Anything? I miss caffeine again. I still drink a cup a day, but I get in trouble (from Josh) when I drink a 32 ounce Cane's sweet tea. I can't wait to drink what I want! But I know I'll still have to watch it when I'm breast feeding.
Symptoms: Symptoms have just included the same report from my past two prenatal appointments. I am still 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. I don't have any nausea or morning sickness - thank the Lord! I have a definite wobble and sometimes when I get out of bed in the middle of the night I think my pelvis is not going to be able to support my weight (but it always does). My back was hurting, but it has been great ever since my mom got me the maternity belly support belt. I didn't think it would be that great, but it is AMAZING!
Belly Button in or out? Out.
Wedding rings on or off? On still... I am surprised my fingers never swelled.
Mood? Good - just so ready to enter into labor and hold baby Hurst!
Looking forward to: Baby Hurst getting here! Other than twiddling my fingers, I am just looking forward to finishing the two baby quilts I have been working on non-stop.

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