Thursday, December 19, 2013

Shepherd's 2nd Month

This month has gone by EXTREMELY fast. That is, in large part, due to all the travels that we've been doing.

Shepherd went on his first airplane adventure to Texas just 2 days after he was a month old. He was a trooper on both the flights there and back. I fed him just before we boarded (non-intentional - I actually meant to feed him at take off), but then he slept through the takeoff. Then I fed him again just before we started landing. We headed back to Kentucky for only 11 days before jumping back on a plane to Texas. We went back for Josh to finish his finals. Lessons I learned regarding airports and airplanes:

  • Apologize in advance to those sitting around you for carrying an infant on board. It builds up some grace in your minute-made relationships with the other passengers when your baby starts uncontrollably screaming. (Thankfully, Shep only cried before take off and after landing when we getting off the plane)
  • Babywearing is illegal according to federal aviation law. The wrap is considered a "belly belt," and they have no good reasoning behind this law (in my opinion). I asked multiple flight attendants and they said that I could "crush my child in case of severe turbulence in take off and landing if I were to protrude forward." I'd rather have my child attached to my chest (since I should be buckled anyway), than have my baby fly out of my arms because we are only allowed to "hold him" in case of such turbulence. The flight attendants are required to ask us to take our baby out of the wrap, but you can say, "no," and it's on you. A couple of times Josh and I had to explain to the flight attendant that we weren't going to take Shep out of the wrap since he was sleeping and it was in the best interest of everyone that he stay in the wrap. As agitating as I am sure it was to the flight attendant, we disagreed with the law and respected that she had to inform us of that law. I will say that buying an extra airplane ticket and putting your baby in an faa approved car seat is the best way to go, but I am not willing to pay for an extra $500 ticket for my baby to sit in his own seat for only take off and landing. The rest of the time I am sure he'd be held by either my husband or me. Okay… end rant. 
  • You don't need the base to your car seat, because you can attach the car seat without it in the car when traveling. It makes it so much easier since the base is cumbersome, and, in our case, didn't fit in the bottom of our stroller. 
  • If someone has a car seat and/or stroller at your destination, LEAVE THAT JUNK BEHIND! The first flight I decided we wanted Shep's very own car seat, then the second go 'round, I was SO glad to only have him, my Moby wrap, and his diaper bag to carry on to the plane. It makes for so much less hassle. 
  • Lastly, dress your baby in major layers. You can never tell if your plane is going to be burning up or freezing cold. At one point we stripped Shep down to his diaper and an hour later we had him fully clothed with multiple layers, wrapped in his blanket, and snuggled up against us. 

Shep has moved up to sleeping 4 1/2 to 5 hours between feedings at night. That is a huge step up from sleeping 2 1/2 to 3 hours between feedings. He slept 6 hours once. I was slap happy the next morning!

Shep is now 9 pounds 1 oz. Sweet thing is in the 1st percentile for his weight according to our pediatrician and WHO charts.  However, he is in the 32nd percentile for his height. He measures 21 1/2 inches long. 

He has started smiling intentionally when we interact with him. I can barely handle his sweet smile - so I may get a little crazy when he starts talking to me. In other words, there will be multiple dance parties. 

Well, here is finally a mini photo shoot of Shep's nursery. I'm no expert on using light in photos, so excuse my photography skills. (:

Atlas Tapestry: Urban Outfitters

Peek-a-boo crib bumper: Ivie Baby on Etsy

Crib: Jenny Lind (However, this particular crib is around 25 years old gifted to us from a friend)

Hot Air Balloon Mobile: CraftSchmaft on Etsy

Rod Pocket Drapes: Ivie Baby on Etsy

Ring Around the Ribbon Rug: Land of Nod

Changing Pad Cover: Ivie Baby on Etsy

Dresser: Craigslist

Elephant Custom Painting: BB Canvas

Boppy Cover: Ivie Baby on Etsy

Glider: Craigslist

Little Homes Coat Hooks: Made by a friend

White Chest of Drawers: Hobby Lobby

And here are some out takes:


Terry Peak Photography said...

Wonderful, Baby, Photography and Blog!... and You Elise Hurst! Love you!!!

Brittany said...

Land of nod<3

Adorable nursery and even more adorable baby!