Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pregnancy: Week 32

Well, it has taken me a while to get this week's blog up, because I wrote the entire blurb and it was all erased as I pressed "publish!" So here goes round two of giving you a synopsis of week 32 of my pregnancy. I have gotten the "nesting" bug, to say the least. Last Tuesday night I stayed up until 4:30am cleaning, organizing, and scrubbing the floors of the nursery. I twiddled my thumbs, read my book, and Facebooked until my eyes went cross until 2 in the morning, but I couldn't kick the urge to do something in the baby room. Finally I got out of bed, put my contacts in, and went a little crazy in our spare bedroom. This "nesting" thing is real. I've been told this happens when you are closer to your due date, but I couldn't sleep until the job was done. The next day I ended up buying a dresser, book shelf, and organizing bins to add to it all. I can't wait to get into our shed and clean it out! Josh is going to have to help me with all the boxes though, poor guy.

Baby Hurst is the size of a coconut weighing in at 3 3/4 pounds and measuring 16.7 inches long. I should be gaining on average a pound a week and roughly half of that goes to the baby's weight. This is really the time I need to be eating the good fats!

***Josh took these photos in downtown Nashville during a festival that was going on!***

How far along? 32 weeks
Baby weighs the same as: a coconut
Total weight gain: Same - 28 pounds. I actually lost a little.
Maternity clothes? I wear almost exclusively maternity clothes now minus maxi dresses.
Stretch marks? Still no new ones.
Sleep: Sleep has been back to normal in my comfy bed!
Best moment this week: Taking a quick trip to Nashville on Saturday was incredible! It was quick and short, but completely worth it. I was able to meet with a dear friend for lunch, see the most beautiful bride marry her groom, and hang out with two of my very best friends from Tech!
Movement: I may or may not say this every week, but I saw even more movement this week! I recorded a short video of baby Hurst moving on my side while I was watching FRIENDS, and I could have sworn the kicks were in sync with the theme song!
Food cravings: Jalepeños!!!!!!!!!! My good friend gave me a huge bag of jalepeños, cayenne peppers, and several other types of hot peppers. I have chopped and sauteed them every single day and put them into every meal I've cooked. I can't get away from them!
Miss Anything? I miss picking up boxes, etc... I've been wanting to (more thoroughly) clean out the baby room, shed, and basically every other room, but I haven't been able to go through half of the house because I can't pick up and move anything without Josh. At my last appointment, my nurse told me my muscle has separated in the middle above my belly button (which is normal, but it still freaks me out). She recommended not picking up anything or using my ab muscles. So basically I have to roll out of bed instead of doing a sit up and annoy Josh every other second to help me out around the house.
Symptoms: Well, if you've been following my week to week journey through my pregnancy, you'd notice a pattern in my symptoms. I was pretty sick for about 3 weeks in my first trimester, but since then I've only had little episodes here and there. The past several weeks I've only gotten sick once per week. This week's "episode" tops all the rest. Josh and I went to Nashville for a friend's wedding, so we decided to go down early and enjoy the town. We ate at a small Thai restaurant and we ordered Pad Thai, making sure it was at the spiciest it can get, to split. After eating about a quarter of the plate, I bowed out of eating any more of it. Nothing would calm my hot flashes, runny nose, watering eyes, and never-ceasing on-fire tongue and lips. Before I could tell Josh what was happening, I was making my way to the one-person restroom. Okay, this is where this story gets a little graphic. Here's your disclaimer for those not interested in the gory details. I saw a little bit of toilet paper in the toilet, but there was no time to flush before projectile Pad Thai came flying out. I did try to flush in between getting sick, but the toilet didn't flush and the water started to rise! At this point I'm terrified of backsplash so I immediately turn to the small sink, which was instantly also plugged up. I ended up throwing up in the trashcan and finishing out in/around the toilet. In a span of 30 seconds I had DESTROYED this once perfectly clean Asian bathroom. Thankfully no one was in the restaurant except Josh and me, so I poked my head out of the door and asked Josh to "come here for a sec." He stopped at the door with an aghast look on his face and asked, "did you do this?" With teary eyes and a strained "uh huh," I nodded my head and tried to keep from dry heaving due to obscene situation and smell that was going on around me. Josh just told me to "get out" so that he could clean it all up. He ended up having to plunge both the toilet and sink, scoop out Pad Thai from the sink, and wipe down all the surfaces. Much later that night he admitted this was the grossest task he had every had to do. Ladies, I have to say Josh is a man's man and if you find someone like him, you are golden.
Belly Button in or out? Outty
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood? I'd have to say happy! I feel so in tune with the baby and his or her movements. Plus, it has really nice being home!
Looking forward to: Spending this week with our dear friends, the Pittmans, from Louisiana! Becca is 23 weeks pregnant so there will be a lot of baby talk going on.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pregnancy: Week 31

I am posting late this week due to having way too much fun in New York and getting sick the day I get home in Kentucky. My entire 31st week of pregnancy I was trucking through Central Park, SOHO, and the rest of NYC. Thank goodness Josh and I prepped my body by walking/running 3 miles a day the weeks leading up to our babymoon. It is amazing the advantages that come with being pregnant. People in New York constantly stood up for me to sit down in the subway, workers let me cut to the front in long security lines, and this fancy person dressed up as a bellhop let me take an elevator on a non-accessible floor of the empire state building after I about went into a coma in the stairwell of the 83rd floor. Baby Hurst worked his or her magic all week! Although, it all caught up to me the day I got back. I went for a prenatal check-up the day after we got back in Kentucky and my midwife gave me antibiotics and steroids due to there being fluid in my lungs. ): All in all I had a great trip regardless of the aftermath sickness! We saw Phantom of the Opera and Stomp, which were gifted to us from our family and enjoyed touristy sites along with local hot spots for New Yorkers.

Baby Hurst weighs as much as 4 navel oranges at 3 1/3 pounds. He or she is around 16 inches long and is definitely filling up  my belly more and more each day!

***Photo Credit: Josh took these in Central Park in NYC***

How far along? 31 weeks
Baby weighs the same as: 4 navel oranges 
Total weight gain: Same - 29ish pounds
Maternity clothes? Yes.
Stretch marks? My belly is stretch mark free!
Sleep: Sleep has been amazing! Amanda has a bed made of heaven's clouds. Plus after wearing myself out walking through all of Manhattan and Brooklyn, I've slept better than ever.
Best moment this week: I think my favorite moment was running from awning to awning with Josh in the rain after watching Phantom of the Opera. Not only were we dressed to the nines, but Josh was wearing white linen pants and I was wearing a thin maxi dress. Neither of our outfits went well with "wet." I was trying to yell at Josh to cover my camera, but all he heard was "cover." He immediately took off his polo and put it over my head. Then he stuffed my purse and camera under his white tee. So we both looked pregnant, but at least Josh didn't waddle as we were running.  I wish there was a video, because the whole thing was hilarious.
Movement: Movement has been nuts this week! I have constantly been able to watch baby Hurst squirm around making my belly move all over. I've seen those crazy videos women have posted of their babies moving around, kicking and punching here and there. Well, it's finally my turn to experience that. I'm sure I'll post a "crazy video" some time soon.
Food cravings: Jalepeños, red pepper flakes, and just spicy food in general. I added spice to every meal I've had  in New York.
Miss Anything? I miss walking for hours upon hours without getting tired. When I backpacked Europe 4 years ago I walked all day long every day, but in New York, I have had run out of fuel every couple of hours. So basically I've taken a nap every day whether we go back to the apartment, hammock in central park, or nap on Brighton beach and gone to bed early.
Symptoms: This is almost exactly the same story as last week. I haven't been sick all week, but one morning this week I had another episode of morning sickness. I was standing on the subway after eating a measly banana for breakfast (which I knew wasn't heavy enough of a breakfast). After feeling  nauseous for a couple minutes, I told Josh I thought I was going to be sick. I immediately "got sick," and Josh was trying to be supportive by telling me to swallow it which made me even more sick. Needless to say, all of the New Yorkers were so sweet. One elderly woman told me to sit down while another woman gave me a plastic bag and pulled out tissues to clean me up. I was so embarrassed, but everyone just kept asking if I was okay and assuring me that it happens all the time.
Belly Button in or out? Outty
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood? So happy, but definitely fatigued from all of the walking and standing in lines in NYC.
Looking forward to: Just getting better and seeing some of my besties in Nashville this weekend.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Pregnancy: Week 30

This past week (August 6-11) I was 30 weeks pregnant. We flew out to good ol' West Texas for a week to see family and have two baby showers! I was overwhelmed by the sweltering dry Texas heat! Kentucky has had it good in the mid 80's with mild humidity. We were able to transport all of the gifts from the Midland shower, high chairs, swings, and crib from Midland to Lubbock, combine these with the gifts from the Lubbock baby shower, and pack them all into my dad's SUV to be shipped off to New Mexico. This seems counterproductive since we need to get them all to Kentucky; however, with all of the gifts with my dad already in New Mexico, he will save around 5 hours on his 30 hour trek to Kentucky when I give word that I am in labor.

It will be hard for me to wait to "nest" with all of our new baby things until baby Hurst comes, but it is the most logical plan to get all the goodies up there without making two trips. Until then, I'll continue to quilt a baby blanket for little Hurst!

This week baby hurst is the size of a butternut squash and weighs 3 pounds. He or she is around 15.7 inches long too! There isn't a significant milestone going on in the development this week, but baby Hurst is still growing rapidly! I'll be okay if he or she slows down a little, but I won't be surprised if this baby weighs 8 or more pounds when he or she comes out.

Vote for what you think I am having - a boy or a girl - if you haven't! 

***Josh, my husband, took these in Lubbock, Texas***

How far along? 30 weeks
Baby is the size of a: Butternut Squash
Total weight gain: I am around the same weight as last week, 28 lbs gained.
Maternity clothes? I do almost exclusively wear maternity clothes, but I have some killer maxi dresses that pass easily as maternity dresses.
Stretch marks? None on the belly!
Sleep: I have actually had trouble sleeping this week. Instead of naturally turning over in my sleep to the other side when my shoulder gets sore, I have to wake up and process that I need to turn over.
Best moment this week: HOW CAN I EVEN BEGIN TO PICK JUST ONE MOMENT?! Josh and I flew to Texas. My whole family flew/drove to Midland and spend 3 glorious laughter-filled days with us. I had two INCREDIBLE showers - one in Midland and one in Lubbock. And my dad drove like a mad man to have dinner and see me for less than 2 hours! It was a heck of a week.
Movement: The movement is so consistent and continuous that almost everyone got to feel baby Hurst move throughout the weekend. Plus, I got to feel some movement on the top of my belly! I've been waiting for that for a while!
Food cravings: Spicy foods, spicy foods, spicy foods! Today I had mango habanero boneless wings and cried through the spicy-ness because it was so dang hot. Chicken broth has come back too. I almost drank/ate my weight in chicken tortilla soup - it was spicy AND had chicken broth.
Miss Anything? I miss picking up my cousins! I don't know how many times my family yelled at me to put my cousins (ages 2 1/2 - 8) down. I can't help but love on them!
Symptoms: Well, this is a funny story. I haven't really had any morning sickness or nausea at all. I did, however, throw up on the spot when I saw a baby spit up maybe an ounce of his food. Ironic that the baby made me sick? Maybe.
Belly Button in or out? My Lubbock friends confirmed that my belly button is definitely poking out there.
Wedding rings on or off? There are still on!
Mood? I have been extremely happy this week seeing all of my family, going to our baby showers, & what not.
Looking forward to: Tomorrow Josh and I fly to NEW YORK CITY!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Pregnancy: Week 29

These past days (July 30 - Aug 5) of being 29 weeks pregnant went by quickly. I finished up my last summer duties for school and I've filled my time hanging out with friends or cleaning. Today I had my glucose testing and actually had a pleasant experience! Most women have told me they dread this testing day where they have to drink an orange syrupy drink and sit in an office for an hour without using the restroom or eating before having their blood taken. I had the choice to drink the syrup/orange drink or eat Jelly Bellies. The jelly beans had to be the Jelly Belly brand, and I had to eat 18 of them within 5 minutes approximately 45 minutes before I arrived at my appointment. I got the assorted flavor bag and went to town on them as Josh drove me to the Womankind Midwifery clinic! I was in and out in 15 - 20 minutes!

Josh and I were also able to tour the labor and delivery unit at St. Joseph East Hospital where we'll be bringing our little one into the world. The laboring rooms are huge! They have all sorts of tools to use during labor such as a birthing ball, birthing tub, etc... There is only one birthing tub, but they recommended we call and reserve it when we are on our way to the hospital on THE day. I was impressed with the resources they made available to the mother and family. There was a fully stocked kitchen for us to use, a comfortable couch Josh could easily sleep on, and the back cushion of the couch can even be unfolded and made into another bed on the floor. My anxiety level of where we are supposed to arrive, check in, deliver, and recover just decreased tremendously! Now only 10 more weeks!

Baby Hurst is just toddling along only gaining 1/4 pound this week weighing a total of 2 1/2 pounds, the same as a red cabbage. Baby Hurst should be measuring a smidge over 15 inches from head to heel. His or her heart beat was 130 bpm today at our appointment! Muscles and lungs are continuing to mature and the baby's head is growing bigger to make more room for the developing brain! As far as milestones, the baby is just maturing. He or she has everything you or I have but they just may not be ready to come into our harsh world yet. About 250 milligrams of calcium is deposited into his or her hardening skeleton each day. Every organ, limb, or system is just on the tail end of developing in this gestational journey.

***Don't forget to vote, if you haven't, whether you think baby Hurst is boy or girl!***

***Photo Credit: Josh, my husband, captured these photos***

How far along? 29 weeks
Baby weighs the same as a: Red cabbage
Total weight gain: I have weighed between 26-28 pounds gained this week. I'm not necessarily liking the steep incline of weight that I have gained in these past few weeks, but if the baby needs the extra cushioning I'm alright with gaining more!
Maternity clothes? It's basically an all or nothing kind of deal. I wear all maternity clothes or nothing at all!
Stretch marks? No new ones and still none on my baby bump.
Sleep: Sleep has been usual. I've still been getting up several times a night to use the restroom, and our nurse at the midwifery clinic said this could be a sign of a UTI. She said UTIs can be asymptomatic in pregnancy and I could actually have one without knowing it. She took a urination sample and we'll see if I have one... Hopefully not!
Best moment this week: My favorite moment this week was baking cookies with Louisa! I don't know what was more enjoyable - having girl time for a couple hours in good conversation with such a dear friend or sinking my teeth into those pumpkin macadamia nut white chocolate chip cookies! Both were amazing!
Movement: The baby is still at it moving like crazy around my lower abdomen. I thought the baby was in breech with his or her feet kicking at the bottom side of my uterus, but the nurse today said the head is actually at the bottom with his or her bum underneath my ribs. So all of that movement is either his or her head moving around or some hands and arms waving and jabbing.
Food cravings: I have gone back to craving spicy foods. The hotter the jalapeños the better!
Miss Anything? I missed eating raw cookie dough this week! Dang those raw eggs!
Symptoms: The only symptom I've had this week is getting out of breath a lot faster. When I walk upstairs, I always have to take a minute to catch my breath. Today, I was emptying out our desk (because we sold it - yay!) and I had to take a break, because I was panting!
Belly Button in or out? Its basically flesh with my skin at this point.
Wedding rings on or off? On! I'm hoping they fit for the next 11 weeks.
Mood? I've still been on a roller coaster wanting to be a little more introverted than normal, but I have still been thankful for good company!
Looking forward to: Tomorrow Josh and I leave for Texas and I cannot wait for our two showers next Saturday and Sunday!

Check out babyhurst.com to see the Midland shower invite, sign the guest book, or see where Josh and I are registered for baby Hurst.