Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Shepherd's 3rd Month

Well, Josh gets the award for "taking-up-all-the-slack-kind-of-dad" this past month. I was physically present for Shep, but mentally I was exclusively focused in on my textbooks, notes, study reviews, and practice exams to get ready for my national certifying exam, the PRAXIS, and my comprehensive exams, known as "comps." If I wasn't feeding Shep, feeding myself, or sleeping, I was reviewing some field within the scope of practice of speech language pathology.

Josh, Shep, and I had a great Christmas break with family, albeit my obligation to study at all hours of the day. We spent our 3 week break in 3 different West Texas towns going back and forth every weekend to see all of our family.  We packed 90% of our, or should I say Shep's, Christmas presents in our suitcases to take back with us, but the rest had to be shipped.

Once we settled back into our little lives in Thrillmore (Wilmore, KY for those of you who don't know the town's nickname), is when the intense don't-talk-to-me studying began. Josh basically did all of the cooking, cleaning, organizing, shopping, and taking all the responsibility for Shep for an entire two weeks without any help. He forced me out of bed early in the morning and we didn't go to bed until late to get a few extra hours of studying. I am SO proud to say after the torturous weeks of prepping for those two exams I PASSED BOTH OF THEM!

So now I have nothing better to do than weed out all of the carcinogenic house hold items or items filled with chemicals in our home. I plan on blogging about this later, but I'll summarize a few. We have taken all the BPA plastic tupperware out of our house, replaced laundry detergent, deodorant, and shampoo & conditioner with greener products - some are even homemade. We switched from disposable diapers to cloth (This has become an obsession). And the last little change we've made is no longer using dryer sheets. So although this list is small, these are major changes when you've used all of these your entire life!

Now that Shep is 3 months old, he is slowly but surely putting on the weight. He is 11 pounds 3 ounces, AND he has moved up to 3rd percentile for his weight from the 1st percentile!!!! He is 23 inches long. I swear, he feels hollow when I pick him up.

He has started his sweet Sheppy giggle in the past 2 weeks! (I seriously can't get enough of it) He has rolled from his belly to his back around 8 times, but I suppose he is camera shy because he won't do it when I have the camera out.

He has started really focusing in on an object in front of him. It takes him a minute of focusing, but he can grab those objects with both hands! It is the small milestones that are miraculous when you are as big as a baby doll.

He was also dedicated at church January 12th at First Alliance Church!

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