Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Shepherd's 5th Month

This month has been more of a settled month. I would say the previous months have been completely full of transition.

Month 1: Hello new baby into the world - that was a transition in and of itself.
Month 2: Travel to Texas..... twice. Shep stayed in approximately 6ish pack-n-plays, beds, cribs, and bassinets.
Month 3: I went back to school and the cloth diapering journey began.
Month 4. Josh went back to school and we figured out how to live life in full blown graduate school mode.


We have a routine with 3 different friends standing in as babysitters 4 different times a week. They do this out of the goodness of their hearts, or maybe the coercing of our pleads and Shep's good looks? Either way, we are thankful for Trent, Dorrie, and Blake for watching our sweet pea throughout the week while we aspire to finish our master's. My friend Dorrie is a saint. She watches Shepherd every morning while I get my lifting and running on.  I would say I am not quite as "slug-deprunk" this month compared to last month (refer to my last blog if you don't understand this term). This morning workout routine is something I have found gives me energy to last me throughout the month . Fitness has become a vital part of me being a good mommy, wife, daughter, friend, and student.

My supervisor sparked my interest in CrossFit within the first week of starting my internship after she told me she competed in a CrossFit competition. (If that does not intimidate you meeting an acquaintance, then you do not understand how hardcore and awesome CrossFit is) Although I still cannot do 3 pull ups in a row or do any of the workouts without extra water and rest breaks, I have consistently attempted workouts every day. About half way through last month I weighed in and somehow lost all of the weight I had gained from pregnancy!

Shepherd's personality just keeps showing through more and more. The tid bit of his extroverted personality we saw in the previous months is turning him in to a big ham now. No one can glance in his direction without him locking eyes and giving a huge toothless grin at them. He hasn't met a stranger yet.

Anyone remember the awesome play gym Shep's Pappy, Andy Hurst, made out of PVC pipe? The pipe cost about $3 as opposed to the $67 Fisher-Price model, and it is INCREDIBLE. It comes apart, so we can tote it around just about any where we want and hang all the toys and links we want on it. Now that our stud has seen mommy lifting weights, he has decided to lift the PVC pipe up and down. Maybe I'll enroll him in KidFit (CrossFit's kid workout program) one day.

Shep's voice has become a little deeper, and he is starting to make different sounds. It is extremely hard for me to explain the differences in sounds that he is making - and I have an extensive vocabulary on all of these little sounds thanks to my so-close-I-can-taste-it master's degree in speech-language pathology. All I can say is he is not to the babbling stage. He more gurgles, coos, and expresses a 1000 different ways to show his excitement or displeasure.

He has now found his feet, but he has only discovered them a handful (or feet-full?) of times. However, his hands are in his mouth about 75% of the time. The other 25% is mixed with Wubbanubs or any other toy he can find to nibble on. He is most definitely teething. I can feel a sweet little toof coming in on his lower right side of his mouth. I did have a vivid dream this past week Shep woke up and all 20 or so teeth came in. It was both terrifying and absolutely precious at the same time. I cannot wait for him to give me a big toothy grin, but this teething process is truly the pits.

He weighs 12 pounds and 12 ounces. He is following the same percentile curve since birth. So our pediatrician is happy about his little 2nd percentile. Sweet baby (:

Here is a picture of him picking up the PVC pipe. I should probably cover it in felt or something soft!


Terry Peak Photography said...

This little guy is perfect in Every single way.I think you and Josh have it together better than most. I Love all of you and love what you have done to my family!!!

Alyssa Quade said...

Can we get more pictures on the PCV pipe play gym? I'd love to know how to make that.