Thursday, June 19, 2014

Shep at 8 Months

A little update on Shepherd James - He occasionally "crawls," meaning he pushes his body backwards when we put his favorite toy in front of him. He will do a little superman action and reach out for the toy, usually his green ball, and then in an attempt to grab it, he will push... backwards. He pushes in the opposite direction. Sweet boy. He will eventually get it down. We try to reward his efforts for even moving, but you should see his frustration each time he creates distance between himself and the ball. He makes this hooting sound. Yes, I said, "hooting." I have started calling him my little owl, because he hoots any time he is tired or frustrated.

He has been standing against the windowsill and couch like it his business. He either has his belly resting to balance him or one hand. Our friend recently let us borrow her son's play table that is build especially for Shep's height to encourage stand-play. It has been THE best distractor as Shep's little legs want to give out after standing for 10 minutes. 

Shep's WOD (workout of the day):

3 rounds of

10 min. standing
3 supermans
3 backward scoots
5 rolls (belly to back is one)

Yes, I just incorporated some CrossFit jargon in just because I can. Anywho, Shep has beefed up to a whole 15 pounds 14 ounces. I'm not sure on the height, but I would rest assured he is taller than last month. Well, his hair has definitely lengthened, and that counts for something. 

I'll give you a little update on my baby fever. This is how my thought process goes...

I want my babies to be close. I could totally have another baby right now. It's not that hard. 

Oh hell no.. I need to reward myself with a year's worth of 7-8 hours of sleep per night for at least a year for going through 6 months of absolute sleep deprivation.

But baby 2 could sleep through the night at 12 weeks. Who knows, maybe it'll be completely different and, as an experienced mom, I'll be mentally and physically prepared for the second go 'round.






Ooooo a Rootbeer float sounds good.

Wait. I am back in shape, not pregnant. I can't just eat and drink whatever I want! BAHHHH I don't want to gain another 40 pounds!

But it didn't take long to lose it the first time. So it wouldn't be that bad.

But it was HELL squeezing back in to my pre-pregnancy pants again.

And those thoughts cycle over and over. Speaking of hell, to completely stop breast feeding all together is horrible. I'll spare you the details that I really shouldn't divulge anyway, but lets just say I feel like I'm walking around with gravel in my bra trying to let my milk dry up. It is painful, y'all. For all you ladies excited about D cups when you get pregnant (or guys for your wives to get preggo) and start breastfeeding, let me warn you, they shrink back to your normal size or even smaller. Sheesh. Hello, high school chest. 

Okay enough of that description.

But, sadly, we did stop breastfeeding all together. The more I tried to pump, the less I was getting. I would get around 2-4 ounces a day with Shep eating 6 ounces every 3 hours. There was no way for me to keep up with his ever-growing appetite, so we went to straight organic formula, which I talked about in this post, pureed veggies and fruit, and yogurt bites. But, not so sadly, I am not stressed at all about nourishing my child anymore, so that is a total bonus!

On a completely random note, I am SO sloppy ecstatic about a new little family member joining us in the next week or so. My cousin is in her 39th week of pregnancy. I can remember thinking Baby Hurst is so low in my pelvis, I may not have to birth this child after all. The baby may just fall out. It is amazing how we fear the birthing process until close to the due date, then I would say the majority of us have the mind set of, "I don't care what I have to do to get this baby out - JUST DO IT!!!" Not to quote Nike or anything.. 

I will most definitely be blowing up my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@elisehurst) with pictures of my new "little bean" cousin, as we call him or her since we don't know the gender of baby Mitchell. Prepare yourself and your baby loins.

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Alyssa Quade said...

Gravel.... I love what you post. It makes me feel more prepared as it teaches me a LOT of things I never knew before.