Saturday, July 19, 2014

Shep's at 3/4 of a year!

Shepherd, in his nine months of glory, has really made some strides this past

He has transitioned to not just pureed foods, but now eats fork-mashed veggies, ground meats, and whole bits of fruit. He is still figuring out how to chew as he still doesn't have any teeth, but he is getting the hang of it. Every once in a while he gets that choking coughing action, which initially gets me in a panic, but then he always laughs and coughs it out. As a side note, I work with people all day long with swallowing disorders so I immediately go in to professional mode with Shep and start modifying his diet. I, then, always have to promote his diet and let him try that cut up nectarine again. I've learned that he isn't actually choking on these foods, he is learning how to manage bigger foods than he has every experienced. My chosen profession, speech language pathology, may be my best attribute as a mom, but it may also be my worst.

He has started self feeding with yogurt bites, cheerios, fruit, etc... He picks up the food with his pincers, but to actually get it into his mouth he ends up with it in his palm and at least 3-4 fingers in his mouth. When he gets tired during a feeding, he normally wipes his mouth, rubs his eyes, then swishes his grimy fingers through his hair and looks at me with those big I'm-not-tired-but-I-don't-know-what-I-want-eyes. This happens at least once a day. Then I proceed to wipe his entire body down, before he just completely melts down. It is funny how exhausting eating is, but to calm him down or distract him, my "go to" is yogurt bites. Eating those will normally distract him enough to get through whatever we are trying to do to actually deal with what he really needs - nap, a bottle, etc.. So thankful for these little inventions of baby snacks!

He is SO close to crawling, he just has to wrap his mind around the concept. He gets on all fours constantly, goes to his belly, then back to a sitting position. He will reach for something on his belly and possibly inch forward a little, but then he goes back to sitting every time. He has, however, moved backwards in the crawling position several times. As you can imagine, this just absolutely sends Shep in to fits. He is putting forth all this effort to move away from the object he so desperately desires to reach. I wouldn't quite say he is crawling yet, but he somehow gets around the rug in our living room - enough that we definitely have to keep one eye on him all the time.

He has started the thunk-&-dive stage. He has dove in to our GLASS tv stand, which we so happen to have on video. My husband was so excited to record Shepherd's first success at pulling up only to realize he was actually capturing one of his first nose-dives. He has since then, dove from one sink full of water to the other - that was not pretty.  He was standing against  a chair in the public library while I picked out a book and thunked his head against a table behind him when he lost his balance. There has been so many thunks unaccounted for here as Josh watches Shep during the day, but rest assured, he actually has no bumps or bruises. He is easily appeased, thankfully, and stops crying when distracted with a loud toy or hand clapping.

He has recently learned to hand clap. So multiple times a day he incorporates all of his skills by clapping, blowing raspberries, and shaking his head "no no no" all at the same time. I have a feeling he is going to be really good at the whole rub your belly while you pat your head trick.

Our lives have been on the go as we went to Texas and visited our new baby cousin Zoey Paulette Mitchell. Then Josh and I were both in Jeff and Anne Corey Reed's wedding. The wedding festivities started on a Wednesday, people! Those Harlan county folk know how to throw a wedding! But Shep was a trooper through it all. I don't think he minded me doing the WOP dance with him on my back in his carrier. He'll learn his parents haven't really slowed down a whole lot since he was born, and I can already tell he has our nature.

Well, this post went a little longer than anticipated so I'll have to post later about "how I know I'm a mom since everyone keeps telling me I look like one."

Enjoy some major cuteness from Sheppy below:

Thursday, July 3, 2014

New to the CrossFit scene

Not that there isn't enough people and blogs talking about CrossFit, but I want to add yet another rambling about my first two months doing the all-too-addicting CrossFit. I joined a CrossFit gym mainly out of my lack of knowledge  in the weight room and the sheer boredom of working out by myself every day. Zumba just wasn't doing it for me and running, although I like it, and still incorporate it in addition to CrossFit workout of the days (WODs), isn't my favorite as a solitary action. This extroverted girl can't handle an hour of solidarity exercise every day. Plus, I wasn't seeing any results in my body from only running every day.

I can say just from 2 months of doing CrossFit I have toned in all areas, but mainly my shoulders, arms, and abs. I haven't gained a pound or lost a pound, for that matter, yet I look completely different.

I have decided people join CrossFit for all sorts of reasons. They join to lose weight. They join to get fit. They join to "not get fat." They join to compete. They join to beat everyone else in the gym, but not compete in competitions. They join to get stronger. They join for the community. The list goes on...

I joined CrossFit to get stronger and stay fit. However, I am a competitive person with a stubborn personality. I don't like to be second best or come in last, but it has and is going to happen. I don't like to swallow the fact that I cannot physically perform some of the exercises such as a muscle-up, pull-up, ring dip, L sit, strict handstand push up, etc... Thus, I am endlessly working at learning these skills and building muscle to do them.

In the past two months I have learned how to do kipping pull ups. Doing so, I have ripped skin off the middle of my palm approximately 7 times total from each hand from the wringing action on the bar. The last WOD involving pull ups ended in blood all over the pull up bar and the barbell in which I was doing thrusters. I have tried gloves, but I can't grip the bar to perform well and tape just rips off. So I welcome any other suggestions. I'm trying a different grip now..

I have also learned that CrossFit makes me cuss and pee.

Yes, cuss AND pee. I cuss when I pee, but I don't always pee when I cuss. (; Double unders (skipping the jump rope twice with one jump) are the work of the devil for someone who has had a baby or for most women in general. It doesn't matter how frequent I use the toilet before and during a double under warm up, I still manage to have enough in my bladder to look like I've peed my pants. Just to add to the frustration with my weak kegel muscles, I always seem to whip my arms and legs when I miss my footing for a double under. It is brutal, yet I still attempt them...all...the....time.

Speaking of brutality, my bruise count CURRENTLY is 9. I have lost count of the cumulative number since I started my membership. The funny thing about CrossFit bruises, they appear in the strangest places. 2 long bruises formed on both of my triceps from the cables from muscle up drills. The bruises look as if someone grabbed both of my arms and picked me up. If someone asks me one more time if I have been domestically abused, I'm just going to get creative and make up a wild story. Then I have a random huge bruise just above my wrist on my arm from Turkish get-ups. Two bruises on my shins from stopping a heavy barbell from rolling in to the window after a friend dropped the weight. The one on my knee is when I punked out doing real push ups for "assisted push ups" (I was told there is no such thing as "girl push ups). Lastly, the 3 bruises I most recently got has a story to tell. I decided to lift the prescribed weight during a WOD:

Here was the WOD:

21-15-9 reps of:
Deadlifts with 135 lbs
Split Jerks with 95 lbs

I ended up lifting the bar right in to my chin when I went to drive my first rep of split jerks, forcing me to throw down my weight, cuss a little, rechalk, and go back at it. I was thankful for no chipped teeth.  Due to the challenge of increasing my weight, I knew this workout would take a little longer, but I wasn't anticipating just how much more I'd be sweating. Sweat was starting to drip off my eyelashes in to my eyes, so of course I went to wipe my face of the sweat. But somehow I caught my contact and pushed it to the side of my eye making it unfocused. I couldn't get it back in so I did the last 1/3 of the WOD with 50% vision. Then the weight felt heavier and reracking the barbell on my shoulders and collar bone got a little harder and less swift. So of course the next day, a bruise next to my sternum on my collarbone and one of my shoulders showed up. I was the last to finish the WOD, but every one circled around and cheered me on to finish one of my first "Rx" WODs. It was an absolute wreck of a workout, but also one of the most rewarding.

I'll finish up by mentioning a friend who has made all the difference in my CrossFit experience. I met Becca the first week I joined CrossFit 859. She was quiet and I was loud. I noticed she was a boss lifting heavy weight, but she was just about my height. Since I didn't know anyone, I introduced myself and we just clicked. We've started doing 2-a-days a couple weeks ago together and referring to each other as WOD buddies. She challenges me to lift heavier and I challenge her to do more and try again after  Good community makes all the difference in CrossFit and there is NO WAY I'd show up at 6 am multiple days in a row if I didn't have someone expecting me to be there and encouraging me through that sunrise exercise. So thankful for all the community at 859, but especially her for taking me in the way she has!

Me and Becca, my WOD buddy
Our team for a WOD during a fundraiser competition
CrossFit is no joke, but it also the most fun I have had exercising since high school! I love the challenges, the post-workout high, and the physical changes I see. It is definitely something I ask myself in the middle of a WOD why I am doing this, but afterwards I always ask when we are going to do it again. So basically my experience involves peeing, cussing, bleeding, and bruising with a whole lot of laughing, transforming (physically and mentally), and sharing good memories with new friends.