Tuesday, August 19, 2014

10 month old baby Shep

Given I took these pictures today right before he went down for the night, I'd say I was pretty successful at all at getting him to say cheese. Plus my camera died after ~5-6 shots. Did I mention I had just fed him making him covered in head-to-toe chickpea tomato beef (I don't understand babyfood combos either, but that is what Shep gets when mommy is exhausted from her first week of work). He barely let me wipe him down before I shoved him into this outfit. Anything for a simple blog update right? Sometimes I wonder why I even bother.

3 days after Shep turned 9 months, he decided to stop teetering on the verge of crawling and just do it. He ended up crawling all the way across the house like coordinating four limbs together as a mode of transportation was his profession. We were all aghast since it took him a lifetime to budge forward. He kept pushing himself backward over and over again even though what he wanted was just a foot in front of him. I could go off on a tangent talking about how metaphorical this all is with the difficulty of moving forward and progressing in life, but it is so easy to move backward until you just move forward a little, then you just take off. But I won't, because you were already thinking about this parallel, right?

Any who, Shep has quickly learned the "oh I don't have to eat this if I don't want to" trick. If he doesn't want some food, he simply spits it out or smears it into his highchair to prove it to you. He eats solids and just about anything we eat with the exception of eggs, dairy, processed sugar, and nuts. We are just waiting a year for those as a precaution.

He is getting better at furniture cruising, but he hasn't quite got it down yet. Thank goodness he hasn't attempted to climb up or down the stairs, because Josh has promised to put up the baby gates for weeks and hasn't. No discredit to Josh, he is super busy watching Shep full time with a job and he is in school. Everyone clap once for Josh on 3, 1..2..3.....*clap.* Way to go, babe.

I have no idea what he weighs, but I am going to guess around 18 pounds 10 ounces. I'll get back to you tomorrow. Its just not worth waking up a sleeping baby. So I said I would NEVER put a baby down with a bottle, but guess what? We put Shep down with a bottle, dangit. It works like a charm. Our routine includes changing Shep's diaper and putting a nighty on, but by this time he is fussy so it normally looks like a mini dance party to entertain him while we change/dress him. Once dance party is over, we rock and read a story together. Again, this is normally Shep's fussiest time of the day so stories can sometimes get read astronomically fast with slightly increased pitch (I am not sure why this happens when I speed read aloud). Then we put him in bed with his bottle, cover him up, and sing "Jesus Loves Me." Again, he goes to sleep like a charm every time without a peep. So, I say if this routine ain't broke, then I'm not gonna fix it by taking his bottle away. (A little Texas has to come out of me every once and a while).

I will say that it is partially cute and pathetic at the same time in the morning when he wakes up and I find him sucking on a completely emptied bottle. Its either that or he is standing hanging on the rail waiting for me to pick him up with a big grin.

We still don't have any teeth, but Josh said Shep bit his nose today and it definitely didn't feel like a gummy bite. I guess cartilage is Shep's favorite teething object.

As for me, I started my job officially as a speech-language pathologist at a skilled nursing facility by day, by afternoon I CrossFit my heart out, and by night I mother my sweet pea, quilt, and cook. I sneak some Grey's Anatomy in there too. I guess you could say my days look the same everyday, but I cover a variety of interests for sure and I dirty up a lot of clothes.

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