Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Shepherd is 11 months!

I can't decide if I've put off this blog post, because I am either in denial my baby has 11 months of experience of life now or I just feel that I do not have many milestones to update you.

Shep's tooth count = ZERO...still. I have been telling people and myself for nearly 8 months Shepherd has been "teething," which explains his fussiness, but, alas, he is still just a mouthful of pink gums. So his fussiness is unexplained.

He has actually lost weight back down to 18.5 lbs. He never stops moving. I mean, NEVER. He will let you carry him if you are walking or moving. Otherwise, he wants to be put down so he can explore. We've still unsuccessfully figured out how to install our baby gates to our stairwell. I appreciate them being donated to us...without instructions, but they are just hazardous to my toes currently. I've stubbed my toe several times with them leaning against the wall walking in the dark early in the morning or late at night. We've resorted to making a barrier with our couch, chair, and kitchen chair to keep Shep from climbing up the stairs, which he has become a pro at by the way. That worked until he figured out how to move the kitchen chair out of the way or crawl under the couch. Where there is a will, which he has an inexplicable amount, there is a way, and Shep will find it to reach the stairs.

Language wise, he has 6 consonant sounds, b, m, w, h, d, and n. We officially decided his first word was "ba" indicating ball since he says it over and over when he is holding a ball and when we ask him where it is, he looks around for it and then crawls after it. He fully understand the meaning, even though he doesn't have the l sound at the end of the word. For those of you who don't know, I am a speech-language pathologist, so this jargon may seem irregular to you. It is just my normal.

If there were 100 toys surrounding Shepherd, he would definitely find the ball - may it be a basketball, baseball, bouncy ball, etc... Recently at our friend's daughter's 1st birthday party, they made a ball pit with tons of different types of balls just for Shep. It was a big hit for Shepherd and all of the other babies/toddlers! Josh told me he never once had a bear or any stuffed animal growing up - only footballs, soccer balls, etc... I think Shep would be content on following his daddy in this, but I still like to teach him how to give Mr. Bear kisses. I mean, who doesn't like seeing a baby give kisses?! It is TOO MUCH!

Let me see.. anything else that is different? He still kicks incessantly with his legs to show excitement, rubs his eyes when he is tired, shakes his head "no no no" when we tell him not to do something, and gives mommy and daddy kisses like they are going out of style. I love him so much, I cannot handle it. There are times I sit and play with him way too long in the child care at my gym when I am supposed to be warming up, and I am sure the sitter is annoyed, but Shep has totally got me wrapped around his finger. I'm trying to soak in these days - especially since everyone comments how quickly they go by.

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Preshy Presh!!! I love you! <3