Sunday, November 30, 2014

2nd Pregnancy: Week 13

This took me a little longer to post as I have been under the weather since Friday.  I have to warn you, this post may be slightly emotional due to the circumstances that have been going on. Before I update you on the scary, I'll fill you in on the great parts of my week leading up to this event.
We flew back from Texas, which was a heinous travel experience. Our flight was canceled after our first flight from Amarillo to Dallas. Our original flight from Dallas to Lexington was to leave at 2pm, but they rebooked us to leave at 8:45pm after the cancelled flight. Josh and I went in to panic mode as it was only 11:45am. We would be just fine playing cards, Facebooking, or reading with a 9 hour layover, but our 13 month old would absolutely lose his mind. We didn't actually find out about this cancellation until we were in the middle of eating our meal at Chili's just before our next plane was to board. Josh left the table and sprinted to the nearest terminal help desk to redirect our flights. He used his Amazing Race skills and ended up booking us a flight to Charlotte, NC..... The departure was in 20 minutes.

Josh, in panic, ran back to the table and asked for our ticket and to-go boxes. We were to go to Terminal E from Terminal C. The terminals were caddy-corner from each other on opposite sides of the airport. Taking the tram, a pregnant lady running with to-go boxes and a diaper bag, and Josh running holding Shep, his backpack, and carrying our rolling suitcase (as the wheel broke on our previous flight), we barely made it to our gate. They printed our tickets as the last person was boarding the plane. We made it to Charlotte just fine and, in the very last two seats, flew to Lexington shortly after arriving in North Carolina.

We spent Wednesday night through Friday morning in Harlan at our close friend's parents house. We were honored to be in such good company and eat such delicious food!

That was a longer blurb than I had anticipated! After returning home from Harlan on Friday, I went straight to work. I worked until 4, and came home after making a short trip to Targs. So basically, I didn't do anything special or eccentric that day. I got home and....

****I must put a disclaimer, because this is about to get super personal and, frankly, gory.****

Okay, back to what I was saying. I got home, kissed Shep, and used the restroom like normal - except it ended up not being normal at all. I realized the toilet was full of blood. This is absolutely terrifying to any pregnant woman who should not be having her period. I immediately burst in to tears and broke in to full panic. I didn't even get up from the toilet before I called my midwife. She calmly asked how much I had lost and what to do next. She wasn't too concerned, because of my history of two subchorionic hemorrhages. She said these can resolve themselves by either reabsorbing in to my body or coming out. Although she didn't say it, I had been told several times that bleeding could be an indicator of a miscarriage. 

I spent the next hour trying not to think the worst, but I continued to bleed. 

I started thinking about the moments I had shared with Shep that I may not get to spend with this little one if this bleeding is worse than my hematoma(s) resolving. I thought about last weekend when Shepherd wasn't feeling well, and he ended up cosleeping with me, WHICH he has NEVER done in his entire 13 months of life. At 2am as Shep was falling back asleep, I listened to his congested breathing and felt some drool run down my arm where Shep was resting his head. I thought about how not glamorous this part of parenting was, but how I wouldn't trade it for anything. I want this next baby to sleep so heavily on me that drool is spilling out of his or her mouth. 

The bleeding has since subsided, but I have continued to spot. I pray that God takes control of my body and my mind. I pray He protects this baby and sustains life, and that the bleeding is a good thing of the hematoma(s) just resolving. I pray He protects my mind giving me peace and prevents me from thinking of negative thoughts all day long. As of now, I don't have a preventative measure, but I will hopefully hear the heart beat tomorrow. As friends, family, or a random reader, please help us intervene with prayer; asking for God to protect this baby and that he or she is 100% healthy. 

13 weeks
Baby Hurst #2 at 12 weeks and 6 days

How far along? 13 weeks and 3 days
Baby is the size of a: Peach
Total weight gain:  4 pounds
Waist Measurement: 31.5 inches (same as last week)
Maternity clothes? Not yet! My mom is mailing them to me as we speak. 
Stretch marks? No... I don't even like that this question is on here! 
Sleep: Sleep has been interesting as we have continued to sleep out of town, and Shepherd cannot seem to sleep through the night in a pack-n-play. Last night, Shep slept all the way through the night, but I ended up getting sick in the middle of the night due to a migraine. I'll take waking up to use the restroom over running to the toilet getting sick with a pounding headache. 

Best moment this week: Spending time with my Sheppy and Josh no matter where we were. We were blessed to have a friend open up their home and welcome us as if we were family. Shep took well to everyone in their family, and I pray he continues to allow people to love on him like he did at the Thanksgiving dinner with people who were complete strangers to him. 
Movement: None yet, but at times I have thought I have felt something. I am still not sure yet. 

Food cravings: No specific craving - more like a fixation on a food. I wanted Chicken curry for almost an entire week. It wasn't that I was craving it, but I needed to taste it!!! I did from Planet Thai, and it was PERFECT!!!! 
Miss Anything? Nothing this week. I am thankful to be pregnant, and hopefully everything is okay. Symptoms: Morning sickness every single morning. 
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood? A little down from the happenings, but I am hopeful everything is okay. 
Looking forward to: I am looking forward to hearing our sweet baby's heart beat. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

2nd Pregnancy: Week 12

Have I mentioned how I figured out I was pregnant? I work in a nursing home as a speech-language pathologist. Although I absolutely adore my patients, there are certain scents and sights that will make a pregnant lady running for the key-coded locked bathroom every time. 

I walked in to one of my patient's room, like I did every day. There was a faint smell of urine in the room, which normally doesn't bother me. I was in the middle of the conversation when I noticed my patient's drooling and excess breakfast left on her shirt. I politely put one finger up and said I would be right back. I stepped out of the room and dry heaved all the way across the facility until I reached the bathroom. Seriously barely made it to the toilet, people. This is slightly graphic (or very graphic depending on who is reading this), so I apologize for those I have offended. Read no further if I have! 

I kept having little episodes like this, and my coworkers kept joking that I was pregnant. I kept saying there is no way due to my IUD. After almost 2 weeks of these episodes, I finally made a trip to Kroger for the pregnancy tests. I couldn't even wait until I was home! I went straight to the bathroom after I checked out. The little blue strip immediately turned to a positive. No doubt about it.. I was pregnant! 

I have to include this next story, as this blog kind of acts as my documentation of all pregnancy happenings. The other day Josh and I were headed to Smash Burger to have a late lunch. I barely ate breakfast, and we had just finished a CrossFit workout. To say the least, I was famished. I started to feel nauseous in the car, so Josh pointed to the cracker box and asked, "are there any crackers in there?" I immediately pulled out all the sleeves of crackers and proceed to hurl in to the Ritz cracker box. Josh was frantically giving me paper to hold under the box in case it leaked. I reached for my water mug I got from the hospital when I had Shep and started throwing up in that instead. When we parked at SB, I handed the box (that hadn't leaked) and the mug to Josh to throw away and wash out. But of course right as I handed him the box, it leaked all over his arm and on to his pants. This poor husband of mine. He has dealt with my mishaps so many times and they all involve my pregnancies. 

I don't have sickness very often, but when I do.. well, lets just say I make it memorable. If you don't remember my notorious experience from my first pregnancy, refer to this blog post. Read under the "symptoms" sections. 

Peace and blessings to all of you that read this as you were eating your midnight snack and can't finish it now. You're welcome. (;

12 weeks 2 days

How far along? 12 weeks and 2 days
Baby is the size of a: plum
Total weight gain:  2-3 pounds
Waist Measurement: 31.5 inches
Maternity clothes? No - but somehow the inevitable booty crack (there is no nice word for this) is starting to show up when I bend over to change Shep's diaper on the ground. This means I'm filling out my jeans and they are getting tighter. Heaven forbid the crack, and God love the long shirts. 
Stretch marks? None. Lets keep that count to 0. I just bought The Honest Company's Organic Belly Balm. I like all of the ingredients, but I have found it is hard to get enough out of the container to actually rub it on my body. It takes forever. We'll see if I stick to this. I am pretty impatient. 
Sleep: Between Shepherd waking up several times a night and having to use the restroom, sleep has been sparse. I am thankful for the past two days when my dad took Shep at 6:30am, and he let me sleep in until 9!
Best moment this week: Having an early Thanksgiving with my family in Texas and getting to spend some cherished time with my Grandpa Joe. OH! and Shepherd took his first steps this past Friday!!! 
Movement: None yet!
Food cravings: No cravings. I am either starving or I have no appetite at all. I keep telling my appetite to get it together.  
Miss Anything? I miss laying on my back!!!!!!!!! I loath sleeping on my side. 
Symptoms: Morning sickness and nausea hit me every morning, but it subsides after I eat breakfast. 
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood? EXHAUSTED! I am so ready to get back to our schedule. 
Looking forward to: I am looking forward to one more day with my Texas fam and spending Thanksgiving in Harlan with our sweet friend's family! 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

2nd Pregnancy: Week 11

I have been getting the usual "Congratulations! So were you guys trying for a second baby?" Well, I like to be vulnerable and honest with these kinds of things, so here is the spill. I actually had the ParaGard copper IUD. I got this IUD this past April, for two reasons. First of all, I am terrible at taking birth control consistently and I wanted to really plan out my second pregnancy. Secondly, the ParaGard is hormone free so it wasn't adding any artificial hormones to my body. I thought this was a great idea! The ParaGard is 99.4% effective.

I am that .6% statistic, people - or, rather, this sweet baby is. 
No, we weren't trying, but both mine and Josh's immediate reactions were excited as soon as we found out! God has a funny way of reminding me how miraculous He is, and how we can't control every little thing in our lives, despite our efforts. 
I walked in to my midwives' office for a check up, and I told the receptionist this appointment was going to be a little different than we had anticipated. I told her I had just took a pregnancy test that was positive, and I had an IUD. She very calmly said, "okay, I'll let Melissa know."  She closed the glass window and went to the back and exclaimed with slight panic to two nurses, "Elise Hurst is here, and she is PREGNANT! AND she has an IUD!" Then I heard the two nurses gasp. It was partially humorous, because it was so dramatic. Then I was slightly freaked out, because maybe I didn't think it was as big of a deal as it needed to be. Later I found out the nurses and receptionist were freaking out, because they all had IUDs and had no intentions of ever getting pregnant again. Thus, my story was slightly terrifying. 
Although this is awesome news, I have to really cut down all the stress on my body. That means cutting down on CrossFit and extracurricular lifting. They did allow me to run my 1/2 marathon as long as I took it easy. I ended up running the race almost 1 minute per mile slower than I had been training for, but it still ended up being an awesome run! 

Josh and Shep met me for my appointment. Melissa explained the possible outcomes of removing the IUD. She explained this could cause a miscarriage, because the IUD itself could pull the baby out with it (TERRIFYING). However, keeping it in would put my chances of having a miscarriage throughout my pregnancy at 50%. She highly recommended taking it out, so I agreed with the removal. Thankfully, everything went fine and no miscarriage happened! 

A week later, I was scheduled for an ultra sound where we heard the heart beat. The radiologist found 2 subchorionic hemorrhages, which are basically two blood sacks inside my uterus attaching the subchorionic vessels, which attach to the baby. These are actually common and resolve on their owns many times, but if they are growing or if they burst, again, a miscarriage could occur. We went back a week later when I was 9 weeks along, and thankfully the hemorrhages had not grown. 

11 weeks 2 days

How far along? 11 weeks
Baby is the size of a: lime
Total weight gain:  None yet!
Waist Measurement: 31 inches - this is where I see the biggest change already. 
Maternity clothes? Nope - still in my regular clothes, but I can tell my tummy has definitely gotten bigger!
Stretch marks? None. Too early for that.
Sleep: This part is already miserable! I have been getting up 3-4 times a night to use the restroom already!
Best moment this week: 
Movement: None yet!
Food cravings: I haven't had any consistent cravings yet. I HAD to have donuts the other day. Okay, it was actually 3 days in a row, and then I was over it. Sauteed jalapenos sound disgusting though - very unlike my last pregnancy. 
Miss Anything? I already miss going hard during workouts, but I am just trying to take it easy. 
Symptoms: I have had "morning sickness" every morning when I brush my teeth. Just when I think I almost get through the brushing teeth routine, I'll start gagging. It never fails. 
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood? Good! Just pretty tired. I am not used to waking up so frequently!
Looking forward to: This weekend! I haven't had a date night in a long time, and I am looking forward to just spending time with my babe. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Shep is One!

I am not sure why I have delayed writing this blog for so long. It is possibly because I don't think my son is old enough to really be 12 months, and now almost 13 months old. Believe it or not, I took these pictures the week of his birthday, but I have yet to write this update. I'll update you from his 11 month until now.

Shepherd finally popped out two bottom teeth 6 days before his one year birthday. I was so sure he would have teeth and be walking when we went to my Dad's house the week before his birthday for the International Hot Air Balloon Festival, but, alas, he wasn't walking and he didn't have any teeth.

He still isn't walking, but we have gotten him to stand unassisted for 6 seconds. We can usually get him to stand by giving him popcorn in both hands or distracting him. He is prone to lean on to something or immediately sit down when we stand him up. He can crawl ridiculously fast though. He crawls into our cabinets, under the couch, up the stairs, and over the bathtub before we can blink an eye.

Recently, the biggest transition in Shep's life is the dreaded night time without the bottle. You would have thought we removed his right arm during bedtime. We do our usual bath time and diaper change. We put pajamas on then read a book together. I sing "Jesus Loves Me," and, normally, I give him a bottle and he immediately falls asleep before he can even finish the milk. However, we have learned recently the residual milk left in his mouth can possibly rot out his two darling teeth. We don't want any of that so we've removed the bottle as part of bed time. Now Shepherd wants to be rocked to sleep. This is Shepherd, who never wants to cuddle or be held unless we are walking somewhere. He hasn't even wanted to be held facing towards us EVER. He has always wanted to be outward since birth! I am sure I will get annoyed at this extra bed time step to get Shep to go to sleep, but for now, I will cherish how he lays his head of my chest, tucks his arms underneath mine to stay warm, and his blinks last longer and longer until finally his eyes shut and his breathing slows to a steady pattern. I have relished in the past two weeks of all of this. It is so sweet to finally get to snuggle him

He isn't walking yet, but he is quickly approaching that "toddler" status instead of "baby" status. It is funny the things is growing out of and also the things he is holding on to. We haven't fully transitioned out of bottles, because he absolutely loves them and sucks on them until they are bone dry. They are a comfort to him, but when we try to give him a pacifier, he doesn't want to have anything to do with them. Then when it comes to any baby toy, he is pretty much disinterested. He likes balls or anything he can hit or make noise with. He loves it when you chase after him. He mainly loves it when you chase him up the stairs. Then we get to the food, and still LOVES puree baby food. I can't get the kid away from it. He is, for the most part, disinterested in all solids except crackers, cheerios, and popcorn. Then he self feeds like a pro. So I know he can do it, but just won't try the other solid foods. So in my mind, he is still part baby and the other half of him has already transitioned to toddler.

If any of you have any suggestions of how to get him to transition to real food, I am open. We attempt to give him pieces of our dinner every night, and most times he won't even let it touch his mouth. We are getting a Montessori table and chair to hopefully make him feel like he has more control over meal time. I don't think he likes being restricted to his high chair. As far as specific foods, I think it is all mental. I will give him steamed pieces of sweet potato, and he won't eat it. Then I will puree the exact same sweet potato and he'll eat an entire bowl. I think it is more about texture. We try to let him have food play as well to give him experience of other textures, but he just ends up smashing them and throwing them off the table. They never actually reach his mouth. I get frustrated when I see all of these sweet babies around his same age eating an entire plate of regular food and nothing is thrown off the table. Then I take a deep breath and remember all babies are at different levels and they are all still considered normal.

This was a longer post than I had anticipated. Especially since I am getting it out almost a month late. Here are some pictures taken the week of his birthday and a very special video capturing a second a day of his life from the day he was born until his one year birthday!

Thank you for keeping up with my family and Shepherd if you have read this far!