Saturday, December 27, 2014

2nd Pregnancy: Week 17

BAHHHHHHH. I finally felt the baby move!!! It wasn't a random kick. This was definitely movement or more like a flutter, and it happened on Christmas day! What a great gift from my little bean. This happened several times the next morning and the next day. This sign of life was definitely a sign from God as I've stopped the morning sickness, nausea, and vomiting throughout the day 5 days ago. 

For 2 days I was starting to worry as my pregnancy symptoms were subsiding, and I still hadn't felt this little one move yet. God is constantly telling me to trust Him, that He is in control of the knitting of this baby in my womb. Throughout this pregnancy He is constantly whispering to me not to worry and let go of all the persistent anxiety that I had experienced through the bleeding and cramping a couple of weeks ago and even when everything was normal. 

My Christmas is now complete with a quaint and traditional Christmas Eve with Josh's family going to a Christmas Eve service, eating Étouffée for dinner, playing a family card game, and opening one gift before bed. We also had a traditional Christmas day with opening the rest of the gifts and stockings at the crack of dawn since Shepherd woke everyone up at 6:30am. We ate prime rib, green beans, mashed potatoes, and rolls for lunch, played Mexican train dominos anytime Shepherd was sleeping, and then we vegged the rest of the day. 

The next couple of days were spent with my family. I got to see my Dad Friday night and spend some time with him, "Pops." I think I ate a full meal every other hour until midnight. Never have I ever been so hungry. The next day all the traditions began. I love these non-traditional traditions we share each holiday. There are a plethora of family members on my mom's side, so we have all agreed to just buy gifts for the kids - 10 kids!!! We have a 6 mos baby, 1 yr old, three 4 yr olds, two 6 yr olds, a 9 yr old, a 10 yr old, and a 12 yr old!!!! It gets a little crazy. Before the madness of gift opening we have an elaborate Mexican lunch complete with green chile enchiladas, king ranch casserole, chili, chicken and steak fajitas, tamales, taco salad with all the fixin's you can think up, Spanish rice, queso, homemade guacamole and pico, and salsa. My tastebuds exploded with a "thank you" each time I took a bite! Kentucky has a tiny selection of decent Mexican food, but they have nothing NOTHING that compares to TexMex. I may or may not have had seconds, thirds, and fourths....  And I am not sorry. I think I might still be in the afterglow of it all. Every hour starting at noon, the kids opened one gift on the hour when the clock chimed and played a Christmas song. I LOVE this tradition, because the kids are able to enjoy their gift/toy for an entire hour and they know who it is from. It cuts out the overwhelming I-have-a-1000-gifts-and-I-don't-know-who-they-are-from-but-thanks experience. They opened a gift every hour until 6pm, and we had them open two gifts to end the present opening. Baby 2.0 got only one gift, a touch, feel, and look book!

Then the kids played a game with a volleyball sized ball made out of Saran wrap with dozens of candy wrapped all in the ball. The first person starts unwrapping the ball and collecting candy and the next person rolls dice until they roll a double. Then it is that person's turn to start unwrapping the ball and so on. The adults played a similar version of this game except the ball contained lotto tickets, gift cards, and cash - much more profitable. The adults (16 of us) played white elephant with a kitchen theme. Then of course we play games after all the kids go to bed in to the wee hours of the night. It has been such a great week!

17 weeks 2 days

How far along? 17 weeks
Baby is the size of a: Onion
Total weight gain: Honestly I have no idea... I am guessing a lot! 

Waist Measurement: I still haven't measured! I am behind on this one.  
Maternity clothes? Maternity clothes or baggy clothes. I am IN LOVE with my new Jessica Simpson skinny jeans with the stretchy waist band. Why do we only wear these in pregnancy again?
Stretch marks? No, but I switched belly butter creme since the Honest Company's Belly Balm wasn't cutting it. It didn't spread very far, and I couldn't get enough on my fingers. I wasn't going to spend 10 minutes rubbing on oily balm all over. I mean...who has time for that? I did like the ingredients though. I switched to Body Boost belly butter that I bought from Motherhood Maternity for $15, and I love it. I did get the fragrance free, because I thought I might get tired of smelling like vanilla and honey all the time. 
Sleep: Sleep has been wonderful. I have been getting up only once in the middle of the night. Do your kegels ladies! 
Best moment this week: Watching Shepherd play and play and play with Pappy, Grammy, Pops, Granna, and all his cousins this weekend. It was pure joy watching him interact with people who love him so much, but usually love him from a distance! 
Movement: YESSSSSS! Just flutters here and there!
Food cravings: No sweets - I have definitely been wanting pickles (which is normal for me when I'm not pregnant) and hearty foods such as chili, fully stacked sandwiches with the works, burgers, etc... 
Miss Anything? Nah...
Gender: Josh and I decided to wait to find out!
Symptoms: NONE! WAhhhhhoooooo!
Belly Button in or out? In.. It is definitely changing though. 
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood?: Exhausted, but so overjoyed

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

2nd Pregnancy: Week 16

This past week I was thankful this little bean was still in my stomach and I wasn't traveling cross-country with two sickly babies. Quickly after the news about my grandpa passing, I finished up paperwork at my job and headed home. We scrambled to put together a suitcase to last me two weeks and Josh and Shepherd 3 1/2 weeks in Texas. We packed Shep's suitcase by throwing a load of laundry that probably needed 10 more minutes to fully dry straight in to his bag. Folding was low on the list of priorities, but don't worry - we had enough time to pack up our grinder, french press, scale, electric kettle, and fresh Kifu coffee beans. 

Within an hour, we had our car packed and real Christmas tree undecorated and on the porch for another family to pick up and enjoy for Christmas. We timed it perfectly so that we left right when Shepherd needed to go down for a nap. Two hours from our house, I looked back to see Shep awake and playing with what looked like a soggy cracker. Then I noticed his hands were all sticky. I looked over his car seat and, to my dismay, he had thrown up all over himself. He wasn't even mad about it, but he wasn't sure what to do with the mess all over his body. 

We immediately pulled over on the side of the highway. Josh stripped him down to his diaper outside of the car as I tried to clean his car seat out the best as wipes would let me. At this point Shep was crying and shivering. We switched, and I took Shep to change his diaper in the front seat while Josh tried to detail clean the now reeking car seat. I dressed Shep on my lap and just held him for a while until he warmed up. Finally we got back on the road and stopped about an hour and a half later for dinner at Panda Express. (that choice was all Josh's)

Shepherd was doing great! He was laughing, walking around, and ate almost all of his yogurt we gave him for dinner. I noticed his outfit was a little wet so I went to change him. OF FREAKING COURSE there was no changing table. Normally, I rage about sexism with there being no changing table in the men's restroom, but, seriously, not even in the women's?! Mad. Instead of just blatantly putting Shep on top of the table, I pushed two chairs together and changed him there. Except it wasn't just any diaper change. He had a diarrhea blow out. Everyone in the restaurant was watching. Josh was running out to the car to get a change of clothes while I am gagging from the smell (pregnancy can really get to me sometimes). For the second time that day, Shep got a wipey bath, but this time it was public. I dressed Shep and apologized for changing him out in the open, but I did politely suggest they get a changing table. 

About 15 minutes back in to our car ride, we here the gagging noises start and the yogurt vom odor fill the air. Josh pulled over in the nearest gas station. We had given Shep a lot of water so this time, the throw up was not so easily wiped out. I ended up sitting Shep naked in the gas station sink cupping and pouring warm water over him. Josh ended up having to disassemble the fabric, wash it out, and dry it with the hand dryer. Then instead of dumping the throw up in to the sink from the bottom of the car seat, he, in the moment (God love him), decided it was a good idea to dump it all on the restroom floor and clean the floor up. Once he stepped out of the restroom, Josh realized he had trailed Sheppy vomit all throughout the gas station. He went back and tile by tile wiped down the throw up. I bet the place has never been cleaner or more violated.  


With a slightly damp carseat, overly Febreezed car, and some Pedialyte, we were headed off again. I won't say who but one of us also had gas that was comparable to three day old road kill. We used the plastic sack I kept around incase of nausea for Shep's dirty clothes. I was starting to get nauseas from all the smells. Josh just told me, "if you need to throw up just do it in a diaper." This made for a very pleasant rest of the drive. We finally made it to Tulsa at 3am  Eastern time 2am Central time. Josh took a shower with Shep attempting to get the stench out of his hair and clean where we might have missed. We had arrangements for Shep to sleep in a pack-n-play at my cousin's house and a crib at Josh's parents house over the holiday. We completely forgot about what we were going to do once we got to Josh's sister's house. Shep is NOT the type to cosleep so that wasn't an option. We made a pallet of blankets on the floor for him instead. We gave him a bottle of milk (which we have been trying to ween him of) and Josh laid down with him trying to get him to fall asleep. 

Fail. Once he finished his milk, he was ready to play. Josh got a little more milk in his bottle and laid him in bed with us trying to get him, again, to fall asleep. Not even 5 minutes of having him lay down, he throws up in Haley's bed! For the second time that night, Josh took another shower with Shepherd. We stripped Haley's pillow cover as that is where most of the throw up landed, and around 3:30am Central time Haley and I ended up asleep in her bedroom. Shep was wide awake. Josh sacrificed and played with him in the living room for the rest of the night. He said Shep slept for about an hour on the foot of the couch with him. We got up at 7: 15am, ate breakfast with Haley, and left for Texas at 9am. I drove for the next two hours, and Josh drove the last 2 and a half. Josh got about a 15-minute-nap, but he wasn't able to sleep in the car. I, however, am the queen of car naps and slept the remainder of the car ride as did Shep. We made it to  my grandma's house in one piece. 

I promise for this next little one, I will be way more prepared for this sort of thing! 

16 weeks and 4 days

How far along? 16 weeks
Baby is the size of a: Avocado
Total weight gain: 7 pounds

Waist Measurement: I haven't measured this week as we've been out of town. 
Maternity clothes? Just a couple of shirts. I have about wore out my only pair of jeans I packed for this trip. I clearly wasn't calculating that one pair of jeans will not do for 2 weeks of vacation. 
Stretch marks? Nope
Sleep: Sleep has been great when I can get it. 
Best moment this week: Rejoicing with family and friends that my Grandpa Joe Bob is not suffering anymore. 
Movement: I am certain I felt a tiny jab. It felt like one ninja finger poke on the right side of my belly button or just below that area. I have no idea what else it could be, but I haven't felt anything else. 
Food cravings: I have NOT been wanting sweets. Salty and sour sounds good, but nothing specific still. 
Miss Anything? I miss not being able to wear my clothes! 
Gender: We could find out the gender in the next couple of weeks, but Josh and I decided to torture the grandparents and aunts/uncles again by not finding out the gender. 
Labor Signs: No
Symptoms: Same as usual. Nausea and vomiting. Although the day of my grandpa's funeral I couldn't keep a single thing down. I had my usual morning sickness, but then I ate breakfast and couldn't keep that down. Then I threw up again, because my stomach was empty, which causes the nausea in my pregnancy. After the funeral and graveside I threw up my lunch and later dinner. I just gave up. We decided this was a stomach bug, not so much pregnancy. I woke up the next morning and felt like a million bucks. Crazy weird 24 hour virus.. 
Belly Button in or out? In? It is definitely changing. 
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood?: Exhausted

Saturday, December 20, 2014

2nd Pregnancy: Week 15

I am so late in posting this blog - a week and a day to be exact, but my world has been in total chaos with a regular routine. As in, I was still working my regular 40 hours a week, going home to play with Shepherd, eat dinner, possibly watching a little bit of Survivor with Josh, and going to sleep as soon as possible. However, I started bleeding again Sunday, the 7th, and spotted all day every day for an entire week. I wasn't in hysterics this time as the blood appeared to be older, and I just spotted... for days and days and days.

Even though the spotting wasn't enough to worry about, I emotionally and physically felt like crap throughout the week with continued morning sickness and nausea throughout the day. Not to mention I was a total wreck because the entire week was filled with tears as my Grandpa was to pass at any moment from his lung cancer. Since he had been on hospice at home in bad shape, I was calling him about every third day. We would talk about who had thrown up more - me from my pregnancy sickness or him from his cancer taking over his body. As morbid as it all sounds, it was a way we could lighten the mood about how awful we both felt. Although I am pretty sure he won..

I called my Grandpa Joe while I was grocery shopping on Wednesday, the 10th, and we blabbed for almost 30 minutes about life. He told me he regretted not being able to get on the floor and play with Shepherd or coming over to our cousin's house to be with him where we spent most of our time over Thanksgiving break since he had been so sick. He said that he felt Shep never got a chance to warm up to him. I told him as long as we were admitting things I was mad at him and myself for not getting a second to spend one on one alone time with him over Thanksgiving. There were so many people in the house, I mainly saw him from across the room other than the brief moments I sat my big grown pregnant booty in his lap for the last time and the kisses and hugs when we arrived and left. He said he would have taken me on a Grandfather/granddaughter date if I would have asked, but only to the next room because that's as far as his legs and lungs would allow him.

The last conversation I had with him was spurred by a conversation I had with my mentor, Louisa. I had never actually had a spiritual conversation with my grandpa and had no idea where he was in his salvation. I told him that I had never actually asked him about this and it is partly because I am selfish and wanted to see him again in Heaven. I asked him and he told me he had made peace with the Lord and was so ready to go. He asked me to pray that he would go quickly, peacefully, and painlessly. I asked if I could pray for him before we hung up on the phone and afterwards he said, "amen. That was a good prayer." We exchanged I love you's, and he passed this past Wednesday, the 17th.

He was so sad he would not be meeting this little peanut in my belly, but he said he had no preferences on baby names. That if I liked the name then he knew he would like it too. He also had enough energy the few days before he passed to tell my mom he was sad I cut my hair off. I mean, c'mon grandpa, my hair cut is sassy! (;

This is my tribute post to my favorite and only grandpa. He was such a serious man that liked things in order as an Air Force man would with a little bit of humor every once in a while, but his serious face never made me shy away. I've been told by every older family member including him that when every other person would avoid my grandpa out of irrational fear, I was always the one to climb up in his lap, grab his face with my two hands, and kiss him right on the lips. I loved his snuggles, and he will forever be a treasure in my heart. This baby and Shepherd will certainly hear of how loved I was by my grandpa and the things he taught me. I may teach them once they are 21 that I learned at his house a little bit of Bailey's in coffee makes a cup of Joe pretty tasty. (;

15 weeks and 2 days at our friend's wedding

How far along? 15 weeks
Baby is the size of a: Red apple
Total weight gain: 6-7 lbs

Waist Measurement: 34 inches
Maternity clothes? Must. Buy. Winter. Maternity. Pants. SO DESPERATE!
Stretch marks? Nope
Sleep: Sleep hasn't been bad.
Best moment this week: Errrr... maybe just that I might have possibly felt the baby kick? It was one thud, and it never happened again.
Movement: I mean the one kick that may have been something else. It is hard to say!
Food cravings: Just not anything sweet, but nothing specific. I am hungry all the time, but nothing sounds good! So weird....
Miss Anything? Nothing this week.
Gender: Still a surprise (:
Labor Signs: No
Symptoms: Nausea, vomiting, and fatigue. I am actually thankful for the morning sickness as this is a sign of a healthy baby. We haven't checked the fetal heart tones since the Monday after my first bleed. As long as the symptoms continue, I am holding on to a healthy pregnancy even with the worst-case-scenario thoughts in the back of my head.
Belly Button in or out? In, but seriously it kind of pops out after a heavy meal. haha
Wedding rings on or off? On
Just very emotional for my grandpa.

Monday, December 8, 2014

2nd Pregnancy: Week 14

***another DISCLAIMER: I have been talking about things that are graphic to many in my previous posts, but to be fair to any reader unknowingly stumbling upon this blog post, this post does contain content pertaining blood and vomit - Oh, the happiness pregnancy brings!***

I am trying to remember the last time I didn't either throw up or at least dry heave for an entire day. The different mentality is I am actually thankful for this sickness. Last weekend was scary with the bleeding (refer to last week's post) and possible miscarriage, but I am thankful for continued morning, or really all-day, sickness because that means this little babe is still healthy and moving around in there. 

I will admit feeling nauseated all day long sucks. It is right up there with a stuffy nose and sore throat that you've had for days... it doesn't completely disable you, but it definitely handicaps you until it is gone. Unfortunately, Zofran just doesn't do the trick to get rid of the nausea completely! I've Googled other remedies for nausea, but if you have any tips please comment below for myself and other mamas reading!

In addition to the nausea, I have had headaches almost every day and just felt sick to my stomach. I also had low blood sugar last Monday. I thankfully work with a bunch of nurses and when they checked it was 67 (normal is above 70). Two days later they checked it to see what my normal was and it was 120. So we'll see if I fail my glucose testing. This pregnancy is so interesting, because it is COMPLETELY opposite from my first pregnancy. I was aglow throughout most, if not all, of my pregnancy with Shepherd. I did have 3 weeks in there when I would feel nauseous, throw up, and feel better afterwards in the morning. It went away when I hit 12 week, and I expected the same with this little bun. And here we are 2 and a half weeks further in my pregnancy... 

Aside from the crappy symptoms, last Monday was the best day of this pregnancy since we first got to hear her or his little heart beat. Our sweet friend, Kendra Giffin, came over and used her Doppler to listen for heart tones. The tones came in strong in the 150s (maybe this baby is a girl! (; ). I just laid on my couch laughing and crying at the same time. All the stress and worry seemed to be appeased for a moment. Then I started thinking about how my body was healthier and more physically fit with this baby than when I was pregnant with Shepherd, but somehow I am having more health problems with this time around. It just blows my mind. I ate healthier, ran more, lifted more weights, and even brought down my body fat percentage while keeping my body weight the same before becoming pregnant. I had no idea being healthier - or maybe there is another reason - could possible cause problems with baby making. 

Okay end rant about healthiness..  This week I was happy to tell every one who asked that I was no longer spotting and baby 2.0's heart beat was a-beatin'! This was right up until Sunday morning when I started bleeding and spotting again. Thank the Lord it wasn't anything like the first time. I think it is just residual blood from last week, but it still isn't reassuring when you see anything abnormal. I didn't go in to panic mode, but the thought of losing this one never quite goes away. 

Unlike last week, I am not having any cramping and thankfully the bleeding and spotting hasn't been bright red, meaning it is old blood. This may sound like too much information, but I get asked for these specific updates on a regular basis. I am open about these happenings, because,believe it or not, many women have experienced or are experiencing these symptoms and they didn't have anyone to talk to or relate to before reading this.I think it helps me too when someone shares a similar experience, prayer, or encouraging comment. I believe all of your prayers have helped keep this baby healthy. I'll take the sickness in exchange for a healthy baby, but I wouldn't mind a prayer or two for this sickness to go away. (; Maybe these symptoms are just another sign of a little girl on her way! 

14 weeks and 2 days on 12/6/14

Yes! I did cut off over 12" this past Saturday 12/6. Here is a before and after. 

How far along? 14 weeks
Baby is the size of a: Large lemon!
Total weight gain: 5-7 pounds (depends on the time of day)

Waist Measurement: 33 inches
Maternity clothes? I still haven't busted them out yet! It'll happen soon.
Stretch marks? Nope
Sleep: Boo..hiss. Sleep still isn't wonderful.
Best moment this week: Hearing that sweet baby's heart beat in our house. It was an answered prayer. I had prepared myself to not hear anything. 
Movement: Not yet
Food cravings: Nothing... crazy.
Miss Anything? I just missed not vomiting all the time. I felt pretty classy throwing my guts up in Chuy's parking lot. I am positive someone thought I was having a hangover from the night before since my bump isn't prominent yet. 
Gender: Still a surprise (:
Labor Signs: No
Symptoms: Nausea, vomiting, headaches, and fatigue. I am also hungry all the time!
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood?: I've been anxious about the happenings of baby 2.0, but mainly I have just felt puny and tired. 
Looking forward to: I am looking forward to making a stocking for Shepherd, and while I am at it, I should make one for this baby too. Poor Shep didn't even get one his first Christmas (Sometimes I can be a slacker!)