Saturday, December 27, 2014

2nd Pregnancy: Week 17

BAHHHHHHH. I finally felt the baby move!!! It wasn't a random kick. This was definitely movement or more like a flutter, and it happened on Christmas day! What a great gift from my little bean. This happened several times the next morning and the next day. This sign of life was definitely a sign from God as I've stopped the morning sickness, nausea, and vomiting throughout the day 5 days ago. 

For 2 days I was starting to worry as my pregnancy symptoms were subsiding, and I still hadn't felt this little one move yet. God is constantly telling me to trust Him, that He is in control of the knitting of this baby in my womb. Throughout this pregnancy He is constantly whispering to me not to worry and let go of all the persistent anxiety that I had experienced through the bleeding and cramping a couple of weeks ago and even when everything was normal. 

My Christmas is now complete with a quaint and traditional Christmas Eve with Josh's family going to a Christmas Eve service, eating Étouffée for dinner, playing a family card game, and opening one gift before bed. We also had a traditional Christmas day with opening the rest of the gifts and stockings at the crack of dawn since Shepherd woke everyone up at 6:30am. We ate prime rib, green beans, mashed potatoes, and rolls for lunch, played Mexican train dominos anytime Shepherd was sleeping, and then we vegged the rest of the day. 

The next couple of days were spent with my family. I got to see my Dad Friday night and spend some time with him, "Pops." I think I ate a full meal every other hour until midnight. Never have I ever been so hungry. The next day all the traditions began. I love these non-traditional traditions we share each holiday. There are a plethora of family members on my mom's side, so we have all agreed to just buy gifts for the kids - 10 kids!!! We have a 6 mos baby, 1 yr old, three 4 yr olds, two 6 yr olds, a 9 yr old, a 10 yr old, and a 12 yr old!!!! It gets a little crazy. Before the madness of gift opening we have an elaborate Mexican lunch complete with green chile enchiladas, king ranch casserole, chili, chicken and steak fajitas, tamales, taco salad with all the fixin's you can think up, Spanish rice, queso, homemade guacamole and pico, and salsa. My tastebuds exploded with a "thank you" each time I took a bite! Kentucky has a tiny selection of decent Mexican food, but they have nothing NOTHING that compares to TexMex. I may or may not have had seconds, thirds, and fourths....  And I am not sorry. I think I might still be in the afterglow of it all. Every hour starting at noon, the kids opened one gift on the hour when the clock chimed and played a Christmas song. I LOVE this tradition, because the kids are able to enjoy their gift/toy for an entire hour and they know who it is from. It cuts out the overwhelming I-have-a-1000-gifts-and-I-don't-know-who-they-are-from-but-thanks experience. They opened a gift every hour until 6pm, and we had them open two gifts to end the present opening. Baby 2.0 got only one gift, a touch, feel, and look book!

Then the kids played a game with a volleyball sized ball made out of Saran wrap with dozens of candy wrapped all in the ball. The first person starts unwrapping the ball and collecting candy and the next person rolls dice until they roll a double. Then it is that person's turn to start unwrapping the ball and so on. The adults played a similar version of this game except the ball contained lotto tickets, gift cards, and cash - much more profitable. The adults (16 of us) played white elephant with a kitchen theme. Then of course we play games after all the kids go to bed in to the wee hours of the night. It has been such a great week!

17 weeks 2 days

How far along? 17 weeks
Baby is the size of a: Onion
Total weight gain: Honestly I have no idea... I am guessing a lot! 

Waist Measurement: I still haven't measured! I am behind on this one.  
Maternity clothes? Maternity clothes or baggy clothes. I am IN LOVE with my new Jessica Simpson skinny jeans with the stretchy waist band. Why do we only wear these in pregnancy again?
Stretch marks? No, but I switched belly butter creme since the Honest Company's Belly Balm wasn't cutting it. It didn't spread very far, and I couldn't get enough on my fingers. I wasn't going to spend 10 minutes rubbing on oily balm all over. I mean...who has time for that? I did like the ingredients though. I switched to Body Boost belly butter that I bought from Motherhood Maternity for $15, and I love it. I did get the fragrance free, because I thought I might get tired of smelling like vanilla and honey all the time. 
Sleep: Sleep has been wonderful. I have been getting up only once in the middle of the night. Do your kegels ladies! 
Best moment this week: Watching Shepherd play and play and play with Pappy, Grammy, Pops, Granna, and all his cousins this weekend. It was pure joy watching him interact with people who love him so much, but usually love him from a distance! 
Movement: YESSSSSS! Just flutters here and there!
Food cravings: No sweets - I have definitely been wanting pickles (which is normal for me when I'm not pregnant) and hearty foods such as chili, fully stacked sandwiches with the works, burgers, etc... 
Miss Anything? Nah...
Gender: Josh and I decided to wait to find out!
Symptoms: NONE! WAhhhhhoooooo!
Belly Button in or out? In.. It is definitely changing though. 
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood?: Exhausted, but so overjoyed

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