Saturday, June 27, 2009

June 27

6:55am, Elizabeth woke me up. I rolled out of my bunk bed, and made myself get ready for traveling day.

7:30, FREE BREAKFAST!  Bread, cereal, orange juice, milk, and coffee.  8:00, we took the metro on a long ride to the train station.  We only waited 10 minutes until we boarded the train.  The very first seats we sat in we only sat for 2 minutes.  Immediatly these ticket holders showed us their reseration for the seats.  We walked (outside the train) to the very first cargo train.  There were lounge areas where people stored their luggage, so we took a seat on the floor with our luggage.  Our intent was to seat ourselves when the train started moving, but we settled and the ticket-checkers never checked our tickets!

This young couple had the same idea.  They were so annoying!!!!!! We had to watch them makeout for 2 hours. I mean...go get a room.

Finally, 12:00 we were in Limoges! Emilie was supposed to pick us up, but we werent sure if she was going to be there because she hadnt replied to any of Elizabeth's texts.

An hour passed, and we still couldn't find internet or a means of communication to reach Emilie.  Our only solution was to get back on the train and head to Cannes.  The next train that was heading south was going to Cerbere, the very south tip of France.

2:06, we sat down where the bicycles were being stowed.  We thought our plan was 

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