Saturday, January 24, 2015

2nd Pregnancy: Week 21

This week's weather was bizarre with April-like-sun-shining days leading up to yesterday and today's several inches of fluffy snow covering the bluegrass. Yesterday, as the snow was falling, we taught Shepherd how to catch snowflakes in his mouth. He kept "pretending" to catch them even after we went inside and sat down for dinner. He learned the word "snow" quickly too, because every time we said it, he would either point to outside or stick out his tongue, close his eyes, and tilt his head way back. 

At breakfast Josh and I asked each other what our favorite part of the day was. We both agreed that the morning time before I leave for work is our most cherished time. Each morning this week was similar. Shep wakes up at 6am and doses on and off for an hour until we come get him at 7am. I always open the door, and he squeals with excitement and throws himself back on his bed. We play for about 30 seconds before I have to do the dreaded.... The inevitable diaper change. (This is the only part I don't like) I somehow manage to get a clean and dry diaper on Shep despite the crying/screaming and wiggling moves he attempts to get out of the diaper change. As soon as we are finished, he immediately stops crying and signs "food" by tapping all of his finger tips to his mouth and "milk" by imitating milking a cow's utter. Josh usually beats us down stairs as he starts preparing our breakfast. We rotate between pancakes, french toast, biscuits, scrambled eggs, and egg sandwiches throughout the week. Josh makes his dad's homemade recipe for pancakes and the biscuits, and I make the french toast and anything to do with eggs. Whoever isn't cooking has to distract Shep until breakfast is finished. Almost every morning we freshly grind and brew a french press of Kifu coffee, and we all eat at the table together. 

Shep has been in to the phase of wanting to use his fork independently, but he still hasn't quite got the hang of loading the fork. We normally stab an egg (or whatever other food it is...) and let him grab the fork and feed it to himself. Starting January, Josh and I decided to read through the Bible together this year. Last year, we tried to do this separately, and I failed miserably. As we are eating, we just listen to the Bible app and sometimes show Shep pictures of the same stories in his Jesus Story Book Bible. I pray these stories are embedded in his heart and don't become cliché as he will hear them over and over. 

After breakfast, we immediately head upstairs, and Shep sits on his potty, because he seems to go #2 every morning around this time. He has peed several times on the potty and pooped 3 out of 4 mornings! We are not really trying to potty train. Rather, we are trying to avoid poopy diapers as it is almost impossible to keep his doo doo on just his diaper and wipes as we are changing him. I like to say this is all happening organically as neither Josh or I have read a single book, article, or blog post on how to potty train. 

Right after potty time, Shep goes in to the bath - not that necessarily needs to be clean, but it gives him a routine and something to do for a half hour where Josh is not chasing him around the house. We brush his teeth normally in the tub, and I get finish getting ready and leave before he gets finished with bath time. Shep always gives me a kiss and waves "bye bye." 

Not too much happens in that hour, but I savor these little moments every morning with Shepherd and Josh. I only get 3 - 3.5 hours of play time with Shep after I get home from work and before he goes to bed. I am excited to get to stay home once this little one makes his or her appearance. I don't want to miss as much as I've missed with Shep. 

How far along? 21 weeks
Baby is the length of a: Carrot
Total weight gain: 14 lbs still
Waist Measurement: 36 1/4 inches
Maternity clothes? Absolutely.
Stretch marks? None.
Sleep: Pretty good. I have been beyond my normal exhaustion lately on a day to day basis. Last night, I actually went to bed 15 minutes BEFORE Shepherd at 7:10pm. I think the impressive part is that I slept until 6:30am this morning. 
Best moment this week: Probably praising Shep every time he uses the potty. He feels so accomplished, and he doesn't mind the "clean up" of his bum at all. This is totally the opposite of what we normally experience. 
Movement: Yes, pretty regularly. I was about to type that Josh hadn't felt the baby move much, but he just said, "oh yea..I've definitely felt movement this week." 
Food cravings: Grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwiches still, and basically anything hearty, like a spicy chicken sandwich from either Wendy's or Chik-fil-a. 
Miss Anything? I miss laying on my back. I constantly find myself in the middle of the night laying on my back and having to roll over to my side. I don't remember fighting the urge to sleep on my back this far in to my pregnancy with Shepherd. 
Gender: We are going to keep it a surprise, but we haven't even had the chance the find out yet. 
Symptoms: NAUSEA! No vomiting...what a relief!
Belly Button in or out? I am still in that awkward stage of it not really being in or out. 
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood?: More moody than normal, but I have also been more tired and hungry than normal, which could explain it. 

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