Thursday, March 26, 2015

2nd Pregnancy: Week 29

I have wanted to share this story since last week during my 29th week of pregnancy.  The day after my birthday, March 17th, I walked in to Saint Jo. East Hospital and went up the elevator to the 3rd floor to my friend's room who had a baby the day before. I did it as if I had been in that hospital a million times before, yet that was only my 5th visit total. I went to the hospital the first time to orient myself before Shepherd was born, the 2nd time to visit my very good friend who had her baby girl, the 3rd time on October 17th when they sent me home to labor longer, and the last time on October 18th to have Shepherd the next day.

To my recollection I hadn't been up to the postpartum floor since I had Shepherd a little over 17 months ago.  As I walked in to Rachael's hospital room, I remembered the feeling of being her in the hospital bed peering at the door to see who the visitor was making a special trip to MEET my first born baby. It is a very surreal time when adrenaline overshadows exhaustion, and excitement of the new transition fends off any fears that were present before giving birth.

As Rachael gracefully wobbled to the bathroom assisted by her husband, I realized then that this visit was key in preparing me in my soon-to-come visit to the exact same hospital. I will be using the same midwifery team, the same birth plan hoping to be medicinal free, and the same decision to not find out the gender as Rachael. She and her husband had even taken the exact same Bradley Method birthing class by the same teacher as Josh and I did before I had Shepherd.

As some of their visitors that were in the room before me left, I was able to really talk and help Rachael with a few things regarding breastfeeding, her birth story, and other hilarious details leading up to birth and after birth. This visit prepared my mind and heart in a way that I have been praying for the past several weeks.  By the time I had given Rachael all the instruction she would need to use (and forget how to use) her breast pump, I was pumped up and ready for the whole experience to be my turn.


On a side note, I forgot to mention two weeks ago I had my glucose testing. I immediately opted to do the Jelly Belly jelly beans, because last pregnancy it was a breeze. Last pregnancy I only had to eat 18 jelly beans in 5 minutes. This time around they increased the jelly bean intake to 46 jelly beans in 5 minutes. My neighbors graciously gifted me some of their Jelly Bellies as they had an abundance of Frozen themed jelly beans. So as I stuffed my face with sparkly glittery jelly beans, I thought my jaw was going to fall off from trying to chew and swallow so many beans in such a short time. It is like trying to eat 8 Saltine crackers in one minute, but these jelly beans were harder and not that tasty. I just knew I was going to push out glittery light blue colored poo later on that day. Thankfully I still passed the glucose test (how I don't know how) and actually ate all of the jelly beans in the allotted time.

How far along? 29 weeks
Baby weighs the same as a: red cabbage
Total weight gain: 30 pounds. I am fully aware I am rapidly gaining weight and I am not sure what to do about it! Yikes. 
Waist Measurement: 39 inches
Maternity clothes?  Yes. All the time. I am needing to bust out my maternity capri pants, but I am not sure where I stashed them. 
Stretch marks? None, but I seriously feel like my skin is tearing around my belly button sometimes. I'll catch myself either lifting up my shirt or looking the mirror to see if I have a 3 inch stretch mark as that is what it feels like. 
Sleep: I have been going to sleep pretty late as family has been in town and I have had lots of projects to do every night after I put Shepherd down. So sleep hasn't been great or at least enough.
Best moment this week: Best moment was just the overall spending time with Shep's Gammie, Pappy, and Granna. It is a true joy seeing someone else love my son as much as I do. Shep's and their delight when interacting with each other is priceless. 
Movement: Movement is consistent.
Food cravings: Chicken Strips...what the heck?!
Miss Anything? Being able to fit in regular clothes.
Gender: We still don't know. 
Symptoms: No symptoms other than the usual "once a week oops I brushed too far back and made myself gag and throw up." Brushing my tongue is a must, but man I really shouldn't do it so far back. 
Belly Button in or out? Out
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood?: Great! I loved being spoiled by family being in town. 

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