Saturday, April 25, 2015

2nd Pregnancy: Week 34

Being sick in general is the pits, but being sick while pregnant is the WORST! During week 33 of my pregnancy, I was anything but steering clear of germs. I wanted to wrap my one year old up in my arms and kiss it to make it all better. I am positive that I got the stomach bug from him. 

To keep it short, I started feeling sick the day after the 33 week mark on Friday. I went to work for a couple of hours on Saturday feeling a little nauseous. I'll admit something grossed me out as I was walking down the nursing home halls and I could not relieve the dry gag until I was back in my office. There is nothing worse than getting a big whiff of someone's bowel movement and seeing another person with dried food around their lips from the meal they ate an hour earlier. 

By that night I was full blown puking sick with a low fever. I couldn't keep anything down that night including Saltine crackers. This rolled over making the next day look the same as the evening before. I couldn't even sip on Gatorade, Sprite, or water without immediately throwing it up. Normally, this wouldn't be that big of a deal, but I would continue to dry heave until my body ached after hours and hours of this. 

Okay let us not get in to the nasty details of how I got further sick, but I will tell you that in this type of sickness, it is not safe to fart EVER. Not being able to use the bathroom normally or keep anything down for just over 48 hours caused me to spiral in to a lethargic state. I ended up calling my midwife who encouraged me to go to the emergency room for liquids to hydrate me. Thankfully, we already put Shep down to sleep by this time and had our neighbor "watch" him while we were gone.

After an hour wait in the waiting room at the ER and several trips to the bathroom, Josh ended up wheeling me in to triage when they called my name. They gave me two bags of liquid to rehydrate me, which took around two hours total, and some Zofran to help with the nausea. About an hour in, they asked me to give a urine sample. The results came back that I had ketones in my urine, which basically just confirmed that I was dehydrated. Before I left they gave me some potassium. We were there for a total of 4 hours waiting to be discharged. At this point Josh was so bored out of his mind and exhausted, he couldn't wait to go home just to sleep. 

I woke up feeling 80% better and I was back to 100% the day after that on Wednesday working a full day at work. To be honest, I don't think I have ever been that sick in my life, not that I can recall anyway. I can say for certain that I have never been that sick in my adulthood. 

How far along? 34 weeks
Baby is the size of a: cantaloupe
Total weight gain: 30 pounds... I lost 6 pounds total, but I gained 3 back.
Waist Measurement: 40 inches
Maternity clothes?  My dear friend bought me a maternity shirt to add to my collection and then I caved and bought 3 more from Target, because I realized that the gatherings on the side are a creation from God and I should just accept it. No more stretching out my regular shirts!
Stretch marks? No new ones. Although I have started carrying around my belly butter cream that I bought and added a few ingredients to to ease the burning feeling that I am getting stretch marks. 
Sleep: Sleep was not so great this week. I was up every 30 minutes to an hour to use the restroom since I was sick. 
Best moment this week: A couple days after I was completely recovered, Shep and I joined several other mommy friends at the park for one of my friend's birthday. First of all, Shepherd is normally not interested in playgrounds at all, but on this particular day he was. He climbed the giants steps on to the first and second platform by himself and through the short tunnel to the third platform, which was no surprise to me, but then he was able to correctly position himself and slide down the big slide by himself without assistance! He did this over and over. I am not going to sugar coat it, I FOUGHT back the tears as I realized I no longer had Shep, my baby, anymore. He has 100% graduated to toddler and it kind of breaks my heart a little. 
Movement: Movement is all over. There isn't a particular place that he or she moves anymore. I'm curious if baby 2.0 is head down!
Food cravings: Well I ate practically nothing for the majority of this week, so I would say no cravings!
Miss Anything? I missed being able to eat a burger... or even a cracker and keep it down. 
Gender: hmmmm I am going back to boy this week. I think two little miniature Joshs would be pretty darn cute running around. 
Symptoms: Just tired and sicky.
Belly Button in or out? Out
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood?: SO thankful that I am better. 
Appointment updates: fundal height was 32 cm measuring two weeks behind just like I did with Shep. Baby's heartrate was right at 130 bpm

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