Saturday, May 9, 2015

2nd Pregnancy: Week 36

Photo taken by Rugged Joy Photography.  Click here to see more! 

Has "nesting" been medically confirmed as a diagnosis? Maybe not, because the only remedy is to decorate, rearrange, buy things, and rearrange some more. No medicine or essential oil can cure this, but I am pretty sure the Mayo clinic should include this diagnosis as a very real one as it hits new moms like a rash hits a baby after you keep him in his diaper too long. Here is my dilemma, I don't have a spare bedroom in this two bedroom home of ours to fully "nest" in for this new baby coming along. The poor child will reside next to my bed for 1. as long as I can handle it or 2. Shep somehow handles sharing a room with his baby sibling. I will wait until baby 2.0 can sleep through the night to transition him or her in to Shep's room, which will soon be donned "the babies' room" as they are both still babies. 

Josh and I have lived in this home for 2 and a half years and the only rearranging we've done was move the sole night stand from Josh's side of the bed to my side of the bed, and that happened in another bout of "nesting" the first time around when I was pregnant with Shepherd. So to make this nesting fever settle, I completely rearranged the bedroom, cleared out a three shelf bookcase, added the glider to the room, and set up the bassinet. 

I added 4 baskets to the lower shelves of the bookcase for cloth diapers, wipes, bibs, swaddling blankets, and burp cloths. On the top shelf (after lowering the bottom two to the lowest level), I added a tension rod to hang up clothes. I'll take a picture of the bookcase when I finally have clothes to hang up. All our newborn clothes are currently being stored in Texas with Granna and ready to be flown in for baby 2.0's arrival. I set the bassinet up next to my bed, but Shep has loved playing in it by bringing his stuffed animals to occupy the bed until baby 2.0 comes. 

These may be the smallest ways to "nest." No, we don't have a room to paint, and, no, we didn't set up the crib yet, because that will be in "the babies' room." No, we didn't buy new baby bedding. We plan on using what we used for Shep's crib. I wouldn't say my nesting diagnosis has subsided, but I would say it is being treated as I slowly set out bottles, get out my pump, fill the diaper bag, etc... The nesting will stop, I'm sure, when I have a baby chick to fill that nest. 

All of these photos were taken by Josh, but click here to see photos taken by Rugged Joy Photography

How far along? 36 weeks
Baby is as long as a: Swiss Chard Stalk (18 1/2 inches)
Total weight gain: 34 pounds
Waist Measurement: 41 inches
Maternity clothes? Somehow I am missing all of my summer maternity capris and shorts. Don't doubt that I will be pulling out all of my tubs with clothes in them from our storage to find them! 
Stretch marks? Just a few tiny ones close to my belly button, but with Frankincense essential oil, I've noticed they have started to disappear. 
Best moment this week: I mean getting your makeup done and having one of your best friends make you feel like a stunning model even though I'm carrying 30+ pounds is always going to be a best moment for me. 
Movement: Movement is all over the place and regular. 
Food cravings: To quote Josh - "Elise doesn't have a specific craving. She more has a specific idea of what each meal should be and she can't get her mind off of that idea."
Miss Anything? I miss rolling over without moaning from the effort.
Gender: I am still leaning girl. Forgive me baby 2.0 if you turn out to be a boy and all these post have me guessing wrong!
Symptoms: Heart burn and indigestion only when I am laying down. I would prop myself up from this happening, but who likes to lay inclined while they lay on their side? I am already super uncomfortable as it is. 
Belly Button in or out? Out
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood?: Pretty good, I would say. These weeks are flying by as I've been in my daily grind and haven't had time to a bad attitude. 

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