Saturday, May 16, 2015

2nd Pregnancy: Week 37

Can we just talk about the most uncomfortable things that we go under in pregnancy that NO ONE warns you about? I mean... just don't read on if you don't like real, raw, and vulnerable taboos of a woman with child. If, however, you are saying "I don't need/want to know this", but your eye balls keep scrolling through the words with your eyelids jammed open, may God bless your traumatized soul afterwards.

Group-B Streptococcus screening or better known as Group-B Strep test.
This infection can colonize in your lady parts and thus cause your little own to contract it causing serious infection or even still birth. 10-30% of all women get this during pregnancy. So, I get it. It is serious and the screening needs to be done. I just wish someone warned you that they jab a giant looking q-tip in your lady parts and bum hole. I forgot the process from my first pregnancy and was quite shocked even though there was no actual pain involved. So just to let you know pregnant women, none of your area is safe from inspection! 

After my midwife did her duty of screening me, she asked if I wanted to be check. I told her since she was already all up in my business that it would hurt to be checked, but there was no difference from the week before: 1cm dilated & 60% effaced.

Another unpleasantry about pregnancy that no ones really warns you about that also involved the area we just spoke of above. No one tells you that wiping after going #1 or #2 is really hard after a while. I work with physical therapists and occupational therapists all the time and they have amazing gadgets for putting on your shoes, reaching for things out of reach, special utensils for eating and so much more, but I have not once noticed a gadget to help you wipe if you can't reach. I guess working in a nursing home it is assumed a nursing aid will just wipe someone if they are unable to do it independently. I, however, have not asked Josh to wipe me.....yet. It just takes a few extra seconds in the bathroom and reposition, but I am successful every time as of now. Ladies, wiping is hard and it is okay to admit it!

Lastly, getting "checked." No one tells you, or at least they never mentioned it to me how uncomfortable having someone check to see if you are dilated or effaced. The last time I was checked, it took everything I had not to slap my legs together and double kick the sweetest lady on earth (my midwife) away from me. I would say it is a little past "uncomfortable." It is straight painful and super sweet at the same time as they have said each time, "I can feel the baby's head!"

There are so many more uncomfortable experiences including the need to wear panty liners towards the end of pregnancy, the inability to not pee your pants when you cough or sneeze, or the perennial stretches that are necessary if you're trying to avoid ripping during child birth, but we don't have to get in to all that. My main point for new mommies who don't know or even men who don't understand that it is more than getting stretch marks and huge areolas, pregnancy can be super uncomfortable regardless of the extra weight we are carrying and our lack of ability to roll over at night without a little groan. It is uncomfortable, but it is also beautiful and completely worth it.

How far along? 37 weeks
Baby is as long as a: Medium sized pumpkin (6 1/3 pounds and the baby is about 19 in long)
Total weight gain: 34 pounds
Update from the midwife: 35cm fundal height and the heart rate was 136bpm
Waist Measurement: 41 inches still.
Maternity clothes? I still have not pulled out those summer maternity clothes from our storage, but I still have a few weeks of pregnancy (I am guessing, because wishing the baby to come early just isn't helpful for my anxiety).
Stretch marks? Just a few. Josh can't even see them; only I can see them when I turn to a certain angle letting the shadows overtake them.
Best moment this week: I loved seeing Shep swim in his swim lessons for the first time. It took a while for him to actually get comfortable in the water, but his favorite activities during the parent/child swim lesson was throwing the rubber duck and kicking after it. He also like their version of "The Wheels on the Bus" where I moved him round and round, up and down, and open and shut. 
Movement: Movement is everywhere! In my ribs. In my pelvis. Maybe both at the same time when baby is stretching. phew... 
Food cravings: Nothing.. I have actually had no appetite. I think I'm too full with baby to get full with food.
Miss Anything? I miss peppermint! I love peppermint oil and even peppermint candy, but it isn't good to use it or eat peppermint as it can affect milk supply...*sigh*
Gender: I keep imagining a girl, but Shep almost perfectly said the baby boy name that we picked out. It kind of melted my heart. The thought of Shep having a baby brother also makes my heart so happy. They would be best buds.
Symptoms: Dear Lord, I never realized how bad heart burn could be, but it has been waking me up every other hour at night!!!! I am so over it. This baby's head should be covered in hair, right?
Belly Button in or out? Out
Wedding rings on or off? On

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