Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Judah: One Month

This past month has been what any mom would report after just having a baby and also raising a 20 month old - excruciatingly exhausting. The first two weeks were a breeze. I had grandparents in town that woke up with Shep letting Josh and me sleep in for as long as Judah would allow. It wasn't until the next morning after Gammy, Josh's mom, left that it all really sunk in. 6am wake up calls by really a cute blonde haired blue-eyed boy aren't so precious when you've been up half the night nursing, nursing, swaddling, and rocking his baby brother.

Josh and I satirically argued over who was more tired groaning in exhaustion. He would wake up with Shepherd at 6am and I would try to get two more hours of sleep after nursing Judah again since I'd been up every 2.5 hours all night. This went on until we realized that the argument would never settle, because we were equally belligerently tired.  We praised God out loud when Shep would sleep in until 6:30am or even 7 sometimes.

I braved going to the park for a play-date meet up with other stay at home moms and their little ones from my church. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, but that may be because I could let Shepherd run rampant around the playground. This is a different story when I braved the grocery store a week later. I could see toddler arms stretched out wide through the aisles knocking every box of cereal to the ground. I used the old trick of getting a free cookie from the bakery for Shepherd and hurried through to get all the shopping done. Thankfully, my first grocery run didn't turn out that way. It was a very Instagram worthy experience. If only I hadn't left my phone sitting on top of my trunk.  Just when I think I have it all together, I always get a reminder that I definitely don't.

Right at check out, Judah started crying in the wrap I was wearing him in. The poor boy ringing my groceries in kept asking me "debit or credit," but I couldn't hear him over JBeau's crying. So saying, "what?" over and over didn't help. Finally, I made a bee line to the car and my short-list's worth of groceries. I had made it!!! Thankfully, I made Josh sit in the car in case I needed someone to bail me out of my misery if the going got too tough. I ended up making him put the groceries in the car while I nursed Judah. No, I'm not crazy for making a run in the store with both kids and having a back up plan. Matter fact, I think all moms with any transition - 1st times moms or moms with multiples - should try my tester method of making their significant other sit in the car. If you want to tap out, you can! It was brilliant, albeit slightly insane. I get it.

The rest of the month was mainly Josh and I playing man to man defense with the boys. One of us was with Shepherd (mainly Josh) while the other was tending to Judah. Right now I can't even imagine playing zone and being out numbered when we have baby #3. (Heck yes, I am already thinking about expanding this family. I think my kids are pretty cool and I want more little Hursts running around!) I am so thankful for the support of our community bringing us meals, watching Shep for a few hours, and just lending their advice when needed. Parenting is the hardest task I've ever sought out to do, but I have never reaped so many beautiful benefits from anything before. Such a good and hard month to reflect over.

Clearly I am no photographer, which is why there isn't a single decent pic of JB. Sorry Judah.
How many months old? 1 month
Weight? 9 pounds 4 ounces
Doctor check-up? At his two-week check-up the doctor said nothing about his collar bone, which I am hoping that means everything is good. I was too sleep deprived to ask him about it. He was 8 pounds 6 ounces putting him in the 35th percentile. He was 19 3/4 in long in the 9th percentile (don't ask me why he was 1/4 of an inch shorter than at birth, because I don't know and I'm pretty sure he didn't have a cone head when he was born). His head circumference was 36 1/6 cm in the 54th percentile. I'd say he is doing pretty well. Shepherd was in the 1st percentile for everything at his 2 week!
Any teeth? no teeth
Sleep? JBeau is sleeping on average 2.5 to 3 hours at a time. I can sometimes put him in the rock n play for the first stretch of the night, but he always ends up in my bed co-sleeping. I always said, "I will NEVER co-sleep," but let's face it, if this is what it takes for me to get sleep and function the next morning, then I'm all for it. I also think Judah likes to be warm, because he sleeps better when he is up against me or double swaddled with a blanket over him.
Feeding? Breastfeeding has been going well for the most part. As I had a hard the first time around we took some extra precautions with extra pumping and supplements to help out. I actually pumped a couple times in the hospital to tell my body to make milk, which I think helped. At around 3 weeks, Judah was extra hungry so that is the only time I felt like I didn't have enough milk for him, but "power pumping," using fennel and basil essential oils, and drinking lots and lots of water has increased my milk supply. He is eating like a champ. At night he feeds every 2.5 to 3 hours, but during the day it is usually every 2 hours or so.
Eating anything? We aren't quite there yet, but Shepherd has tried to feed him a wheat thin, a strawberry, and we watched him put 10 pieces of diced bell pepper in Judah's swing next to his face. He hasn't been successful at actually putting anything in his mouth, but I have a feeling we need to keep a close eye on big brother!
Developmental milestones? At 3 weeks he rolled belly to back 5 times, but he hasn't done it again. Maybe it was a fluke? I have no idea, but I was super impressed. He lifts his head and looks around. He can track and he will turn his head to look at me if I move.
Favorite toy? He hasn't played with any toys yet.
Speech and language? He is starting to make sounds every once in a while, but mainly he finds his voice through crying to be fed. He is actually pretty quiet if he is wide awake unless he wants to be held, then he cries again. Typically baby..
Loves? He loves to be warm and tight. So swaddling, baby-wearing, and co-sleeping are his favorites.
Dislikes? He takes his Natursutten pacifier sometimes, but doesnt love pacifiers in general. And we cant really get him to take a Wubbanub...yet. I'm hoping he will, because those little animals are so dang cute.

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