Friday, August 7, 2015

Judah: Two Months

Eventually I'll get the hang of taking these pictures. You have to start somewhere, right?

How many months old? 2 months
Weight? 10.8 pounds
Doctor check-up? At his six week check up, he weighed in right at 10 pounds. I thought this was a tremendous weight gain as it took months and months for Shepherd to get to 10lbs, but he dropped in percentile to 23rd percentile. He was 22inches long so he'd stretched out quite a bit in 4 weeks. He also got a few vaccines. It was not pleasant, to say the least, to see my perfectly content squishy baby realize what pain was for the first time as the nurse, who did any excellent job, quickly gave him 3 injections. Although I was totally anti-vaccines at first and eventually became pro-delayed vaccines with Shepherd, I'll be honest, it was a pain in the cuss to delay them. I couldn't remember what vaccines he did and didn't have, and I wasn't organized enough to write them down or do my research as to what I wanted him to have at certain appointments. I just decided I was either going to be an all-in for vaccines on-schedule OR I wasn't going to not vaccinate at all with Judah. Since reading several articles such as this onethis onethis one, and more I realized that the original researcher correlating vaccines to autism admitted his falsification of data, unethical treatment of children and invalid results. Thus, I decided to just go all in minus the flu shots. He was not his normal self for a couple of days, but as the soreness worked its way out of his body he came around. (Thankfully before we headed out for our forever-long trip.)
Any teeth? no teeth
Sleep? Judah has totally been doing 4-5 hour stretches consistently at the beginning of the night and 2-3 hours after that. We've mainly exclusively co-slept, but the past couple of nights I have been able to lay him on his stomach to sleep (don't judge - I know that it not the recommended position) and last night he slept for 7 hours!!!!!!!! But guess who woke up at 4:45am and wouldn't go back to sleep? Not Judah...Mr. Shepherd decided that was the best time to start his day.
Feeding? Breastfeeding is going well! My current routine is to feed after he wakes up from naps and any other times that he is hungry. Sometimes I even let him nurse to fall asleep. I really just do an on-demand basis since I'm with him all the time and I can. I couldn't do that when I was working with Shep. I pump after JBeau feeds in the morning and I've been getting anywhere from 4-6 extra ounces! As much as I make in the morning, I have only been able to pump 2-3 ounces total in the afternoon without feeding Judah first. So I'm guessing that's why he has been crankier in the late afternoon and early evening times.
Eating anything? Not yet!
Developmental milestones? He really hasn't been rolling over too much, but he is holding his head a lot steadier when we sit him up or when he's on his belly. He loves to track to where our voices are.
Favorite toy? We have a baby gym made out of PVC pipe that we hang toys from. Judah has started batting at the toys, but he hasn't actually held anything in his hand yet.
Speech and language? He is really starting to coo and explore his voice through what sounds like a sigh.
Loves? He loves to sleep on his stomach, in our arms, or in a baby wrap. He loves to suck on his little fists. I've noticed he prefers to be in footed onsies, because his little feet get cold regardless of the ridiculously high temps outside. He has also switched to loving his pacifiers, which is way different from last month.
Dislikes? He hates his carseat, but loves his mama. I was so thankful he did so well on our 20 hour car drive. He slept almost the entire trip. If he wasn't sleeping, I would give him a bottle and he'd eat and go back to sleep. What a rock star!

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