Saturday, September 19, 2015

Judah: 3 Months

How many months old? 3 months
Weight? 12 pounds
Doctor check-up? No check ups this month. It was all travel and play in Texas and no doctor appointments for this little guy. 
Any teeth? no teeth
Sleep? He is still in the same routine of me laying him down for several hours. Then he co-sleeps once he wakes up for a feeding.  
Feeding? We've had ups and downs. Right before he turned three months he went through a growth spurt and he was out-eating all I could offer. I ended up supplementing with my own pumped milk. (I was thankful I had any recalling my days with Shepherd.)
Eating anything? Not yet!
Developmental milestones? He has become so much more vocal. He LOVES THAT EYE CONTACT. He could be crying and I can just make eye contact and smile to get him to stop mid-cry. It is a great party trick, I tell ya. 
Favorite toy? So far, he really likes his Sophie Giraffe. 
Speech and language? Same as the developmental milestones. It is definitely more than just coos. 
Loves? He loves mom to hold him. Me. All the days and all the hours he likes me to hold him. I actually don't mind most of the time, but on occasion I like to sleep in a normal position and stand without holding a baby with my left arm, which is starting to get significantly bulklier than my right. But who am I joking? I still have that phantom sway going on even when someone else is holding Judah. He loves his brother, except...see below.
Dislikes? He does not like the crowding of his head, which is the zone Shepherd seeks as his prey. I am constantly wiping off peanut butter, milk, oatmeal, or anything else that is transferrable from Shep's face to Judah's thin red hair and scalp. (That's right! I think he is going to have red hair!) Anywho, Judah, without words, basically screams at Shep for crowding his head each and every time he gets close to it. The carseat is still number one on his most-hated list. Most of the time I pull him out of his car seat in a cool blanket of his own sweat he builds up when crying from point A to point B. The distance can be 2 or 30 miles. He doesn't care, he still doesn't like it, and he lets me know the carseat is not his friend. 

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Anonymous said...

Such a sweet boy! I hadn't realized that Judah was starting to rebel against Sheppy loving on his head. I so love when Shep lays next to Judah and kisses his head. I guess Judah is putting an end to that!