Saturday, December 5, 2015

Judah: 6 months

How many months old? 6 months
Weight? 15 pounds
Doctor check-up? Right at 6 months we went for a checkup and he weighed around 15 pounds at the 10th percentile for his weight. This check-up was quite the adventure as I took both boys by myself. Judah got his full checkup and cried for approximately 2 seconds after he got all 3 shots. I nursed him for half a minute and that was that! I put Judah down, and it was Shepherd's turn. I distracted Shep while he unknowingly got his shots in his leg. That nurse was a pro, and I felt like a super-mom! 

Why do both parents tend to attend all of the first-borns check-ups and appointments, but by the time you have two, it is a one-parent kind of job! I guess you are considered a veteran by that time, and you are expected to have all the tools in your back pocket by baby number two. I will say that my tools have only slightly increased, but my coping methods have grown tremendously! 
Any teeth? no teeth
Sleep? We still aren't sleeping through the night. It doesn't matter if he cosleeps with me, sleeps in his bed next to our bed, or in his bed in the same room as his big brother. He still wakes every 2-3 hours.
Feeding? Nursing is going beautifully. I have no problem with supply as far as I know and I've given up giving him a bottle. I suppose he will just go from breast to open cup.
Eating anything? His first food was avocado like his brother, but instead of mushing it up, we gave it to him in slices with the skin left on. He loves food, but gets a little frustrated when he can't open his fist to get the food inside.  
Developmental milestones? He figured out how to roll from his back to his belly just before he turned 5 months, but he started doing it over and over in his 6 month of life.  Right at 6 months (Dec 5) he started rocking on all fours, but he didn't budge at all. 
Favorite toy? He loves to chew on books. All of them. I have to keep most of the books out of his reach, but I've designated 1 or 2 to be his little chew toys. 
Speech and language? Really starting to babble now. 
Loves? He loves to be held all of the time and loves to be sung to!
Dislikes? He dislikes it when his big brother tries to sit on him, roll him over, hug him too tight, or licks his face. He doesn't realize this is just his big bro saying, "i love you!"

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