Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Judah: 7 months

How many months old? months
Weight? 15 pounds 14 ounces
Doctor check-up? Josh took Judah this time to his check up. He is 8th percentile for his height and 15th percentile for his weight.
Any teeth? Still no teeth.
Sleep? Since we traveled most of the last month, Judah either slept in the bed with me, in a floor bed or pack-n-play. He still hasn't slept through the night yet!
Feeding? Nursing has still been going well, and he still won't take a bottle. I ended up donating 85 ounces of breast milk to another mama for her 3 month old. 
Eating anything? Judah eats just about everything. I don't give him processed foods, sugar, nuts, or honey yet, but he eats just about everything or at least chews on it with his gums. 
Developmental milestones? Judah started crawling on Christmas day! Two days later he figured out how to sit up from a crawling position. Then on the 29th he pulled up using a bar bolted in to a wall built to pull up on. It worked, and the little man kept getting better at it as we stayed there several nights. Now is crawling like a pro to either get an object he wants or, better yet, find me!
Favorite toy? I don't think he has one in particular. He is the curious type. If there is something new around, he will find it and examine it. 
Speech and language? He is still just babbling - No words yet. Recognition of his family is apparent. At any nursery or child care at gyms, he usually starts crying after 30 minutes if he doesn't see his mom, dad, or brother. Sometimes he bursts out crying when certain people hold him, but I am not sure what it is about those people. There doesn't seem to be a pattern. 
Loves? He loves mommy to hold him. He wants to be around me at all times and loves face to face interaction. He LOVES bathtime. He loves to splash and now crawl around to get toys. 
Dislikes? He hates changing his clothes all of a sudden. For some reason he cries every single time!

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