Saturday, March 5, 2016

Judah: 9 months

How many months old? 9 months
Weight? 17 pounds 2 ounces
Doctor check-up? No check ups for this month! Healthy and happy!
Any teeth? Still just the two front bottom teeth
Sleep? THANK THE LORD!!!! He finally slept through the night!!! I am so happy about this - seriously at that point of pulling my hair out.
Feeding? He still nurses often 4 to 5 times a day, but honestly I don't count and just read his cues as to when he is hungry. I always try to nurse before he gets actual food. 
Eating anything? His eating habits are a dream to me after really struggling with Shepherd. He eats pretty much anything and feeds himself.
Developmental milestones? He is still only crawling, but he is now starting to cruise furniture. He won't walk with the walker. He is too distracted by all the fun nobs and buttons to actually walk with it. He would rather crawl around to play with the front side of it. 
Favorite toy? He loves anything that makes an interesting sound, like paper, a plastic wrapper, the xylophone, maracas, etc...
Speech and language? He is extremely verbal, but still has no words. 
Loves? He loves his brother even though Shepherd is so rough with him. I should tally one day how many times I tell him to not sit on him, hit him, let him go, and listen to his cries. It is a constant battle!
Dislikes? He doesn't like it when I walk away from him. He constantly crawls around and finds my legs to pull up on. When I am cooking or doing something where I can't hold him and have to move around, he cries his little heart out and lets me know how much his feelings are hurt. 

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