Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Judah: 10 months

How many months old? 10 months
Weight? 18 pounds 
Doctor check-up? Josh took the boys to Judah's last checkup before we move and his last round of vaccines. He is healthy, but was in the 1st percentile for his height at 26 1/4" and 18th percentile for his weight. His head circumference was in the 23rd percentile at 44 1/4cm.
Any teeth? Still just the two front bottom teeth
Sleep? He sleeps through the night, but he regularly wakes up around 5:30am. I can nurse him and he will go back to sleep, but if he wakes up after 6am, Shepherd will wake up and not go back to sleep so then the whole house has to get up! We are still deciding whether to keep them in the same room or not when we get a bigger place and when I should take him out of his crib again. He has only been in his crib for 2 months, but he seems to like it.
Feeding? Nursing is the same and still going great. Occasionally I feel like he isn't getting enough, but he seems satisfied afterwards so that is good. I tried pumping during a few feeds this month as I was working and I had some extra pumped milk and I barely pumped 3.5-4 ounces! Either that is what makes him full or he is WAY more efficient than my pump! 
Eating anything? He eats everything, but he LOVES oranges and strawberries. After he eats lunch and dinner, I normally let him have some fruit for dessert and he always devours it. 
Developmental milestones? He has started perching and trying to stand every once in a while unassisted, but just laughs and falls if we try to stand him up. He claps, waves "bye bye," and shakes his head "no no no!" 
Favorite toy? He just likes to take things "out." So he constantly takes all the diapers out of our basket, wipes out of the package, etc...
Speech and language? Starting to sign and we've established his first word as "da da" WAHHHH!! I tried my hardest for him to say mama and mean it. We say, "where's dada?" He turns and looks at Josh and says "da da." I mean...come on!!! 
Loves? He loves you to chase him up the stairs. He will climb 3 or 4 stairs and wait for you to come after him. Then he will laugh hysterically and try to get up as many stairs as he can before you catch him. It is adorable and terrifying at the same time. He hasn't fallen down yet, but I hope that doesn't happen! 
Dislikes? He has started hating getting his diaper changed, just like his brother. Normally I have to give him something to distract him while I change him.  

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