Thursday, May 5, 2016

Judah: 11 Months

How many months old? 11 months
Weight? 18 pounds
Doctor check-up? No check-ups this month! He has been healthy and happy!
Any teeth? I CANNOT believe he still only has those two bottom teeth. I feel like he has been teething for a lifetime - drooling, gnawing on objects, and loving cold foods like frozen peas, carrots, and strawberries. 
Sleep? So...He hasn't been sleeping through the night until I wake up, but he does sleep for 8 hours at a time. He usually wakes up around 4:30am. I nurse him and he goes back to sleep, but it is still annoying to get out of bed, nurse, then fall back asleep. I will do it for as long as it takes though, because honestly I LOVE breastfeeding Judah and I cannot believe we have made it this far! My goal is to nurse for a year, but that isn't my limit. 
Feeding? Well, I answered a lot of this in the previous question. I normally feed Judah after he wakes up in the morning, after he wakes up from his morning nap, before his afternoon nap, before dinner, and just before he goes to sleep. Honestly, I just feed him when I read his signs that he is hungry. I am not a strict scheduler and that has seemed to really help my milk supply. 
Eating anything? He eats just about everything, but he has recently gotten more opinionated when he doesn't want something or he is "all done" with his meal. 
Developmental milestones? He stands all the time and even stands without pulling up on anything. He looks like a prairie dog when he stands then comes down to move/crawl. He makes me laugh. When we try to get him to take a step, he just laughs and falls to the ground intentionally. He will walk when he is ready and is basically telling us not to rush him! 
Favorite toy? Recently he has loved his barn with all the animals. He mainly takes all the animals out, and then puts them all back on the shelves. He recently learned how cars roll on wheels. So he scoots around with a car in hand letting it roll on the floor like his brother. 
Speech and language? He sporadically says "dada," "bye bye," "nigh nigh," and "sa bah" (for strawberry). I STILL CANNOT GET HIM TO SAY MAMA!!! Anywho, he signs, "bye," "hi," "all-done," milk," "orange," "strawberry," and "yay" (by clapping). When we ask "where is daddy?" He turns and finds Josh. He can intentionally give us open-mouthed kisses when we ask for kisses. His receptive language is way more extensive than his expressive language. Although, he is catching on to sign language quickly. 
Loves? He still loves to be worn with a baby carrier/wrap, which makes my heart so happy! He loves to just be interacted with. When we lay on the ground, look at him, and laugh, he loses his mind laughing and crawling all over us. He is such a cuddly baby!
Dislikes? He very much dislikes it when we lay him down to change his diaper. Looks like I will be potty training this little fella as soon as he starts walking, because I am not about forcing a baby to lay down while I strap on a diaper. Seriously, being in public changing a diaper while my kid is hysterically screaming is just not my game. SO I am all about toilet training early!

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