Tuesday, April 25, 2017

3rd Pregnancy: Week 18

At the surrogate birth I attended this week. You can see my bump if you look past the scrubs swallowing me.

How far along? 18 weeks
Baby is the size of a: green bell pepper
Total weight gain: 10 pounds. I finally weighed myself at my prenatal appointment!
Waist Measurement: 34 inches
Maternity clothes? Still mainly yoga pants, pregnancy pants, and a size up in regular jeans, but I still can't find my box of maternity clothes.
Stretch marks? Not yet! 
Sleep: Sleep has been good, but I can't wait for Josh to get back because I haven't felt rested all week!
Best moment this week: Getting to spend time with Salem and the Silvey family, hearing this sweet baby's heartbeat, AND document a beautiful surrogate birth story! 
Prenatal update: Baby's heart beat was around 160 BPM. My blood pressure was great and everything checked out. What I am most excited about this week is my birth pool! I bought a birth pool and the kit to go with it. Plus I got my birth supplies and preparation list for my home birth. So excited!
Movement: Yes. Lots of kicks right to the girth! 
Food cravings: Nothing, in particular, this week.
Miss Anything? Just the motivation to work out. I have zero energy and when I have a little bit of energy I use it to play with my boys and edit a gazillion pictures.
Gender: I think it is a boy!
Symptoms: Occasional morning sickness here and there, but my main symptom is low energy.
Belly Button in or out? Mainly in, but it is starting to flatten out.
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood?: Good now that I am off-call now for a few weeks. Time to rest up and spend some time with my family!

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