Tuesday, June 6, 2017

3rd Pregnancy: Week 24

Today marks exactly two years I've been nursing Judah. I cannot believe we've made it this far especially since I struggled to feed Shepherd for 8 months. I never planned to nurse him this long, but it is amazing the difference it made for me staying home instead of pumping at work. A real baby nursing made all the difference versus a pump. My body clearly doesn't respond to it.

Judah doesn't nurse every single day, but most mornings he does and I don't refuse him. Mainly because this gives me a good excuse to stay in bed longer and cuddle. Do I nurse him before bed? Absolutely not. Our bedtime routines are already long enough, and I don't like to prolong those. I don't think I am producing much, and it is definitely a comfort for Judah. We have already been discussing almost daily that the new baby will get to have mommy's milk - not Judah. 

If Judah doesn't wean himself by the time this baby comes around, I plan to feed baby 3.0 and let Judah nurse afterward with whatever is left. I planned on doing this anyway with a pump to make sure I have a big enough supply in case I am gone for a birth, etc... So Judah will just take the place of that and I'll just pump once a day.

I've had plenty of nay-sayers with continuing to breast-feed Judah until this age, but there is plenty of research showing this is absolutely normal and he is still getting nourishment that is beneficial. Plus we are getting some great quality time together and we both love that. Anywho, here is to celebrating two years of nursing - a year more than my goal!

How far along? 24 weeks
Baby is as long as an: ear of corn
Total weight gain: 17 pounds
Waist Measurement: 
Maternity clothes? I've just worn comfy clothes, dresses, and my pregnancy jean shorts this week!
Stretch marks? None that I have noticed.
Sleep: Sleep has been horrible, but no because of pregnancy. I've had an entire week of (TMI) diarrhea with no other symptoms. One night I woke up every 30 minutes. Most nights I've just had to get up once or twice though. My doctor wasn't worried at day 5, but he told me to come back at day 10 if it persists. THIS IS COMPLETELY MISERABLE!
Best moment this week: This week we celebrated Judah's 2nd birthday. HOW?! How did this happen so quickly? We had a "Choo Choo I'm Two" birthday party, because, duh, I had the banner I kept from Shepherd's 2nd birthday and it was perfect. We had friends bring water guns to enjoy a water fight and no gifts. It was absolute bliss. 
Movement: Despite the horrible di di, baby 3.0 has been kicking away which is a complete relief!
Food cravings: No cravings especially this week with me being sick. I was lucky enough to eat toast during some meals.
Gender: We still don't know!
Symptoms: Nausea and vomiting have come back this week mainly because I haven't been able to eat much.
Belly Button in or out? It is still kind of in, which I'm worried about because my chiropractor said how around my belly button dips in is not a good indication of the positioning of baby

Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood?: Just exhausted and puny. I've still been going hard trying to host and lead all the things we've had this week, although I've had to skip two different get-togethers! These are what I have attended and hosted just this week: Wednesday night small group, Thursday open table (hosting two families for dinner), Saturday my son's birthday party and family grill out, and Sunday night s'more night. I've pressed through, but man, I have felt crappy! Pun intended.

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